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Doing the right thing

28/04/2020 | No Comments | News

Every day is different here at Cobra. But some days just knock you for six. Last...

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Can I Go On Holiday This Summer?

21/04/2020 | No Comments | News

Can I go on holiday this summer? With the sun shining, BBQs smoking and the...

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5 ways to recover a late payment

20/04/2020 | No Comments | News

If only we lived in a world where all of our clients paid on time,...

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Coronavirus and the courts

20/04/2020 | No Comments | News

My debtor owes me. How long will it take to get my case heard?  The ripples...

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My client owes me. Can they use Coronavirus as an excuse?

03/04/2020 | No Comments | News

Many debtors are hiding behind the Coronavirus pandemic, and using it as an excuse for...

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Beware Of The Current Bailiff Scam

05/03/2020 | No Comments | News

BEWARE OF THE CURRENT BAILIFF SCAM Cobra Financial Solutions Ltd is regularly contacted by businesses...

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The best excuses we’ve heard for late payment

29/01/2020 | No Comments | News

Whether you have an SME business or global operation, late payments affect every company. Not...

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Bailiffs to be forced to wear body cameras

23/07/2019 | No Comments | News

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An introduction to Commercial Debt Collection

15/12/2017 | No Comments | News

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Take Control of Your Debt Collection efforts by partnering with a Debt Collection Agency

22/12/2017 | No Comments | News

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5 W’s of working with a Debt Collection Agency

02/01/2018 | No Comments | News

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Early signs that your customer can’t settle your invoice

17/01/2018 | No Comments | News

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The Ten Commandments of Successful Credit Control

26/01/2018 | No Comments | News

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Credit control practices to leave behind…

21/01/2018 | No Comments | News

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Don’t Let Collections Ruin Your PR

02/02/2018 | No Comments | News

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