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Buy Now, Pay Later Schemes Are Creating a New Generation of Debtors

21/07/2021 | No Comments | News

Services including the likes of PayPal, Clearpay, Laybuy and Klarna enable customers to either delay...

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How Contactless Payments Can Lead to Bad Debt

14/07/2021 | No Comments | News

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many consumers kept their cash in their pockets and instead...

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How Much Does It Cost to Take Someone to Small Claims Court?

06/07/2021 | No Comments | News

Small claims court is predominantly for simple cases that don’t involve large amounts of money...

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Is Your Debtor Using Your Money to Fund Their Summer Holiday?

29/06/2021 | No Comments | News

The great British summer holiday. You can’t beat it. And, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and...

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Small Court Claims Taking Even Longer Since the Pandemic

22/06/2021 | No Comments | News

Back in January, we reported that there were over half a million crown and criminal...

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How to Deal with the Emotional and Physical Impact of Debt

15/06/2021 | No Comments | News

From Mental Health Awareness Week to Men’s Health Week, the summer months recognise a number...

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Hospitality Industry Faces ‘Long Covid’ If Debts Not Confronted

08/06/2021 | No Comments | News

The hospitality, retail and leisure sectors are now having to face up to unprecedented levels...

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What should I consider when pursuing an International debt?

01/06/2021 | No Comments | News

One of the many considerations when recovering money abroad is how to deal with debtors...

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Why Should You Use a Debt Recovery Service to Get Your Money Back from a Used Car Salesperson?

21/05/2021 | No Comments | News

Used car salespeople get a hard time. And while it’s mostly unjustified, at times they...

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Why should you use a Debt Recovery Service to locate a rogue builder?

12/05/2021 | No Comments | News

Incompetent, negligent, over-priced, runaway ‘cowboy’ builders can cause real concern. Such people often operate on...

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Don’t waste your time and money with money claims online

06/05/2021 | No Comments | News

  What are Money Claims Online?   Money Claim Online – or MCOL – is...

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Private debt collection in the UK

22/04/2021 | No Comments | News

With almost 8 in 10 adults carrying debt in 2021, the UK faces a spiralling...

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Why Should You Use a Debt Recovery Service to Collect Unpaid Rent?

16/04/2021 | No Comments | News

Landlords absolutely hate unpaid rent. If your tenant has stopped paying their rent, the odds...

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Use debt collection services to stop spiralling debt

06/04/2021 | No Comments | News

Debt in the UK is now an exponential problem. Without intervention, we risk a spiralling...

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Why Face-to-Face Debt Collection Will Benefit from Employers Returning to Work

30/03/2021 | No Comments | News

In a recent statement, Rishi Sunak bluntly encouraged Britain’s employers to end working from home...

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