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Our Approach

Our investment in the most up to date credit checking systems allow us to build a full profile upon your Debtor from the outset, this is also done without leaving electronic footprints, this helps us locate their money, assets & property whether that be in the UK or abroad from the outset.

Upon instructing Cobra to recover your Debt/s you will have your own account manager he / she will be charged with keeping you abreast of developments or providing you with advice when informed decisions need to be made mid process, you will also have access to our client portal which allows you to track the progress of your case 24/7 https://app.d2rcollect.com

Operating from 5 hand picked office locations throughout the UK we are able to provide a truly nationwide service.Cobra is fully licensed by Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and fully GDPR compliant.


Need Our Help ? Call our team on – 0151 526 4222

Why Face to Face Debt Collection is effective.

Gone are the days were letters, phone calls, emails were used to collect bad debts, think about it if this worked you would not likely be on our website looking to chase a bad debt, our industry high success rate of 90.4% confirms person to person contact yields the best results.


We don’t use threats and intimidation (like you’ve seen on TV), we negotiate settlements, overcome objections, remove unfounded disputes and secure payment for you whilst upholding your reputation see for yourself.


Got more questions about our services?

If you are owed £1000.00
Call us on 0151 526 4222

Want to instruct us?

We have 3 rules.

1. Your Debt must be over £1000.00.
2. You must be able to supply documentary evidence confirming what you are owed.
3. Your Debtor must not currently be Insolvent.

Like to arrange a meeting ? Call one of our regional offices.

Head Office: 0151 526 4222
Midlands: 01564 628638
Wales: 0292 111 3210
London: 0203 011 5210
Devon & Cornwall 01392 640 064

What to expect by Employing the services of Cobra

  • Truly Nationwide Service
  • Debtor/s visited within 48 x hours of instructing Cobra.
  • You are employing a company with a successful 11 year trading history and a proven track record of results
  • We do not stop until we find a resolution on your behalf
  • We act with Professionalism at all times
  • Client Portal allowing you to track the progress of your case/s
  • All Debtor visits captured via body cam and sent to you
  • You have the last laugh

14 Million pounds collected for our clients in 2019

90% success rate achieved in 2019 (an industry high).

Case actioned within 24 hours, Debtor visited within 48 hours.

We will have you paid and fast

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