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An enhanced surveillance service

For cases that require an enhanced surveillance service, our specialist team can monitor an individual, or group, both within the UK and abroad. Where evidence is requested in court, surveillance allows a legal team to build a case against a defendant.

Established in 2009, Cobra Financial Solutions are a team of highly-skilled debt collection professionals who reclaim funds from unscrupulous debtors. As part of our services, we offer an unrivalled tracking and surveillance program.

From ground surveillance, to drone operated tracking, our discreet team use the latest technologies to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Our most common surveillance practices are for:

Surveillance is often required when finding out a defendant’s hidden assets, or multiple addresses. With enhanced surveillance, we can determine the exact location of the individual in question. As well as uncovering the true extent of their assets.

By keeping their assets in cash, some defendants can continue to fund a lavish lifestyle, often at our clients’ expense. Surveillance allows the Cobra team to determine additional income streams, and to build a picture of an individual’s spending.

Some clients find themselves being sued fraudulently, whether this be for a whiplash claim, benefit fraud or personal or industrial injury claim. They require a thorough surveillance service to disprove any unfounded allegations.

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