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Help and advice for creditors

If you’re a creditor, and you’re considering using Cobra Financial Solutions to collect your debt, use the support and advice below to get the answers you need.

Before we collect any debt, we first ask you to provide Cobra with proof of the debt’s legitimacy. This must be clear documented proof that you are owed money. Examples of evidence include invoices, statement of account, contracts or email dialogue.

Cobra will accept your instruction once your terms of payment have been exceeded, this is usually 30 days.

Current legislation states that in absence of a written agreement, payment is due 30 days after the invoice was issued.

Yes, providing the debtor has a means to pay, statute of limitations state that a debt must be recovered within 6 years.

The minimum instruction we accept is £1000.00.

Yes. Once we have established why the debt is disputed, we will create a collection plan which will ensure you get the results you need.

Often, debtors raise disputes in order to delay paying, yet their ”disputes” are unfounded and just a tactic to try and prolong matters.

This is no problem at all.

Over the past 13 years, we have recovered debts from all over the world. Distance is never an issue. be assured whether your debtor is in Timbuktu or Torquay the Cobra team will bring the debtor to the table.

Have a look of 2 recent success stories from The USA & India.Bank Of New York Mellon, 24BY7 Digitizing.

We calculate our results annually and for 2022 we achieved a success of 87% resulting in over £14 million pounds recovered for our clients, which we are very proud of.

Occasionally we do fail but to ensure we minimise all risk, we assess each case before we accept it, we only take on cases where the debtor is solvent and has a means to pay, to give you an idea of the searches we undertake before accepting a case click link

Simply complete our contact us form and a member of our Enforcement team will be in touch within 1 hour, or call one of our regional offices.

To find out more, visit

Our average recovery time is anything from 1 day to 6 weeks.

Back in 2014 we was the first debt collection company in the UK that started wearing body-cams, since 2019 it is actually the law now that all Enforcement agents must wear body-cams.

Why ? They improve results, ensure full transparency, and protect our staff.

After the agents visit your debtor if any disputes or false allegations are made we can move swiftly to negate them. Video footage will depict our professionalism and integrity when dealing with debtors.

Upon instruction you will be designated a personal account manager, you will also be provided with unique log in details allowing you to track the progress of your case 24/7

Cobra will never accept a proposal for payment from a debtor unless it has been agreed by you the client, we do not class a proposal a proposal until which point we receive it in writing from a debtor, once in receipt of the proposal this is forwarded to you the client, your account manager will then contact you to talk you through it, if you the client wish for Cobra to accept the proposal we will not do so until which point we have your written confirmation.

Upon instruction we insist that you do not enter into lines of communication with your debtor, we love it when debtors contact clients because it generally means we are on our way to what we call the ”golden nugget” which is of course payment, we insist all communication is directed through Cobra and we relay this to you the client, we simply ask you to contact your account manager as soon as your debtor contacts you.

We all love to make the magical call to the client to advise payment has been received, this call will come from your account manager and be backed up by email confirmation confirming the same.

Established in 2009, unrivalled customer testimonials, an industry high success rate, multiple award winners, face to face debt collection meaning we do not employ robots who sit behind desks sending emails, making phone calls to try and get our clients paid, (let’s face it if that worked you would be able to recover your own monies) but we feel most importantly an unwavering dedication to ensure we get the best results for our clients. And an ethos built on Integrity, Professionalism and Loyalty.

Quite frankly if we cannot get you paid then nobody can.

If you have any more questions, or you’d like to speak to a member of the Cobra team about your case, then get in touch.

It’s your money. So get it back in your pocket: where it belongs.

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