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Financial Problems and Vulnerable People

Often bad debt goes hand-in-hand with other troubling issues. If these issues make it problematic to deal with your debts and you’re feeling particularly vulnerable, you might benefit from some extra support.

At Cobra Financial Solutions, we are extensive mental health advocates and so, it’s important to let us know if you’re in a vulnerable situation so our team can help.

Indeed, there are many organisations and charities in the UK who can help if you are in financial trouble:

Citizen Advice Bureau0344 411 1444

National Debtline0808 808 4000

Step Change Debt Charity0800 1238 1111

Business Debt Line0800 197 6026

For those struggling to deal with debts, and whose mental health has been negatively impacted, there is help available. And, Cobra Financial Solutions, are here to support you in any which way we can.

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