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Landlords absolutely hate unpaid rent.

If your tenant has stopped paying their rent, the odds on them suddenly starting again might seem like a fantasy beyond belief, while them paying what they already owe you may seem even more fanciful.

While you may be dubious of using a professional debt recovery service like ours to reclaim your money, using Cobra is guaranteed to be the best decision for both parties.

Here’s why:

Avoid Unwanted Conflict

A huge mistake most landlords make when trying to recover their rent is that they make everything personal; they lash-out and ultimately make the situation worse. What’s more, what may look like stern but reasonable messages and emails to you, won’t look like that in court.

So, leave it to the experts.

Face-to-face, professional debt recovery is the quickest, most successful way of recovering a debt, regardless of whether your tenant can avoid us or not. When recovering a debt from a tenant who may not have left the house for fear of eviction, it’s vital they feel comfortable enough to trust the agents at their door.

That said, we don’t let tenants use any excuses to avoid paying their rent.

We Understand the Law

Be it the late payment act or the latest body-cam technology, unlike a landlord who may be blinded by anger or fear, we understand the law and what, if it was to come to it, makes a case stick in court.

There’s a reason why we’re Merseyside’s best Financial Solutions Company of the Year, 2020 – it’s because we’re trained experts with a combined experience spanning decades.

So, rather than see your case trashed by a senseless moment of anger, leave recovering your rent to us. We’re on your side.

Higher Chance of Recovery

The fact is, tenants don’t have any incentive to pay their debts even when they vacate a property as their credit score is not impacted by late- or non-payment. However, after taking enforcement action or instructing a debt recovery agency like Cobra, for example, their credit score is then negatively impacted.

What’s more, you’re more likely to recover your debt if you leave the case in the hands of experts who understand what they’re doing and have heard every trick and excuse in the book.

If you’re a landlord, why bother spending several thousand on legal fees when you can instruct us and have a decision on your case within 48 hours.

Don’t Let Unpaid Rent Go Uncollected

If you’re a landlord, don’t let unpaid rent go uncollected.

Don’t bother wasting your time in court or arguing with renters, Cobra Financial Solutions are here to help. We are experts when it comes to recovering unpaid rent, drawing upon over a decade of experience to inform every decision we make on your behalf.

Contact us on 0151 526 4222 to discuss your case in more detail.

Remember, it’s YOUR house, not theirs! Let’s get your money back!

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