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In a recent statement, Rishi Sunak bluntly encouraged Britain’s employers to end working from home and seek out ways to help people return to more productive working environments.

But what has this announcement got to do with debt recovery?

27% of UK-based SMEs give up on a debt completely due to lack of communication and drawn-out administrative tasks; and we expect this number to be even higher because of debtors’ ability to hide due to lockdown and the availability of working from home.

So, if the world were to return to work sooner rather than later, business owners would be more likely to face their debts directly and not hide behind lockdown regulations.

Quick Solutions to Drawn Out Problems

Face-to-face debt recovery is the quickest way of recovering a debt, regardless of where people are based. That said, when recovering a debt from a business owner, it’s important that they feel comfortable and so, them being back in their place of work is hugely beneficial to the debt recovery process.

Sunak spoke of how “meetings that happen by chance” foster a strong workplace culture. And though this may work for many businesses, we at Cobra don’t leave anything to chance, recovering your debt in a planned, professional manner whilst dealing with your debtor face-to-face.

We don’t let your debtor use lockdown as an excuse.

A Fast Service that Yields Results

Dealing with people working from home can be extremely frustrating. Nevertheless, we never let debtors use lockdown as an excuse to avoid paying their debts.

That said, it’s hard to deny that, when recovering a debt from a business, knowing that they are most likely in work is extremely helpful and beneficial to the recovery process.

Debtors can hide behind delays to the post, bad zoom connections and lockdown in general, but what they can’t hide from, is a recovery agent wanting to deal with the situation face-to-face.

The Power of Face-to-Face Communication

It’s important to open lines of communication with your debtor. This is one of the major advantages of face-to-face debt recovery. When dealing with business-owners who are used to being the boss, regardless of lockdown, it’s vital to assert your authority over the situation.

When conversing with a business that has a history of not paying – which has probably been exacerbated by lockdown and having the option to hide and not deal with people directly – face-to-face debt recovery enables you to jump a long queue of frustrated people.

So, despite lockdown, we’re working extra hard to stop debtors hiding, shirking their debts and using lockdown as a tasteless excuse not to pay up.

We simply don’t let excuses like lockdown impact our work.

Don’t Let Your Debtor Use Lockdown as an Excuse

If you’re owed money, then don’t let your debtor use lockdown as an excuse and trust the experts to get it back.

Choose the fast, stress-free and low-cost way to get your money back, regardless of lockdown or where your debtor is hiding. With no extortionate legal fees, solicitors, excessive paperwork and a drawn-out court proceeding which could take up to two years, Cobra Financial Solutions are your one stop shop debt recovery agency.

We are an award-winning national agency who take pride in our 5-star Trustpilot rating, drawing upon our 12-year industry-high success rate to guide everything we do.

So, with this in mind, why not let us take over your debt while you focus on what’s important to you: running your business.

If you’re owed £1,000 or more, then contact us on 0151 305 5992 to discuss your case in more detail.

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