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How Technology is Driving Debt Recovery in 2021

14/10/2021 | No Comments | News

It goes without saying that new technologies have significantly redefined how we communicate, how we...

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What is forensic accounting?

07/10/2021 | No Comments | News

It’s a question we’re asked a lot. A thorough examination of your accounts, forensic accounting...

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Waves of SME Insolvency Expected Within the Next Five Years

28/09/2021 | No Comments | News

As many as 15% of the UK’s SMEs are categorised as ‘fragile’ or ‘at risk’...

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Court Fees to Increase in September 2021

21/09/2021 | No Comments | News

On 22nd March, 2021, a statutory instrument for court fee increases has been laid before...

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UK Government to Remove Some Insolvency Protections

14/09/2021 | No Comments | News

Businesses can start using winding-up petitions to pursue unpaid debts from next month in the...

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Commercial Rent Collection – What Do You Need to Know

07/09/2021 | No Comments | News

The Times recently reported that the collection of rent from commercial property tenants has started...

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5 Myths About B2B Debt Collection

02/09/2021 | No Comments | News

As a professional team of debt collectors, we have heard every myth in the book...

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Insight Into a Successful Debt Collector

24/08/2021 | No Comments | News

This week, we thought we’d revisit our feature in the Liverpool Echo from back in...

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Self-Employed People Increase Unsecure Debt by a Third

17/08/2021 | No Comments | News

A third of self-employed people have increased their bad debt, whilst a quarter of homeowners...

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How Much do Bailiffs Charge?

10/08/2021 | No Comments | News

Most people never have dealings with a High Court Enforcement Officer or a bailiff. That...

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The Importance of an Enhanced Surveillance Service

05/08/2021 | No Comments | News

Sometimes some cases require an enhanced surveillance service, even more so when evidence is requested...

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4 Ways That Couples Navigate Their Finances Together

28/07/2021 | No Comments | News

It’s common knowledge that one of the top reasons for divorce is financial troubles and...

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Buy Now, Pay Later Schemes Are Creating a New Generation of Debtors

21/07/2021 | No Comments | News

Services including the likes of PayPal, Clearpay, Laybuy and Klarna enable customers to either delay...

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How Contactless Payments Can Lead to Bad Debt

14/07/2021 | No Comments | News

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many consumers kept their cash in their pockets and instead...

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How Much Does It Cost to Take Someone to Small Claims Court?

06/07/2021 | No Comments | News

Small claims court is predominantly for simple cases that don’t involve large amounts of money...

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