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Small claims court is predominantly for simple cases that don’t involve large amounts of money or multifaceted issues.

That said, small claims court isn’t always necessarily the cheapest or simplest option available to a debtor. Most of the time, the best solution is to avoid small claims court and instruct a debt recovery team, just like Cobra.

Here’s exactly why in a bit more detail.

What is Small Claims Court?

Small claims court is for modest cases that involve lesser amounts of money and more simplistic issues. These types of claims often involve faulty products, poor service, being owed a refund or money for work you’ve completed or to resolve disputes with your landlord.

Sometimes categorised as ‘money claims,’ the entire small claims court process should be straightforward; however, it can become convoluted, nasty and extremely time consuming – hence why you should instruct a much cheaper alternative instead.

That cheaper alternative being Cobra Financial Solutions.

Indeed, you have the right to make a claim in small claims court up to six years after you initially paid for the service or product. That said, why wait that long when you can action our team of professional debt recovery agents and have a solution in under 48 hours?

What small claims court fees can be issued?

Small claims court fees are based on the amount you are claiming, plus interest.

Therefore, if your claim is worth £300, then your fees will amount to £35. Furthermore, at the other end of the scale; if your claim is worth more than £200,000, then your fees will amount to £10,00.

Moreover, fees can be issued for:

  • A faulty product
  • Poor or inadequate service
  • Being owed a refund
  • Landlord disputes
  • Not being paid for work completed
  • Accidents and injuries


Indeed, even most money advice websites suggest you try to solve the problem another way. And, what better way to try and solve your problem than actioning a team of professional debt collectors with over 75 years’ worth of experience.

Choose a cheaper alternative to going to small claims court

Are you thinking about going through small claims court?

If so, don’t bother – not when you can instruct an expert team of professional debt recovery agents who can get your money back in your pocket quickly, ethically and efficiently.

If your debtor has supplied you with a faulty product or inadequate service and owe you a refund, then once you action Cobra, we don’t stand for anything less than 100% client satisfaction. And, unlike the courts, we don’t need a CCJ to get started: you just need to have proof of the original debt.

Be it our specialist team, global outreach network, or list of renowned clients, you can trust us to recover your money whilst shielding your reputation at all times.

So, don’t bother dragging your debtor through small claims court. Instead, get in touch with one of our expert team on 0151 526 4222 to discuss your case in further detail.

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