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Back in January, we reported that there were over half a million crown and criminal court cases waiting to be heard in England and Wales; and, almost six months on, the situation shows no signs of improvement.

The Law Society of England and Wales recently warned that delays across the civil justice system risk discouraging people from pursuing claims, leaving no incentive for debtors and unscrupulous people to comply with the law.

Nevertheless, by actioning the team at Cobra, you can skip the entire civil court process and go straight to the source of the problem; and trust us, we incentivise your debtor to comply.

Don’t Take Your Small Court Claim to Trial

Ministry of justice figures show the average time taken for small claims to go to trial is 45 weeks between January and March, this was an increase on the regular 32 weeks over the same period last year.

As we know, small claims are often pursued by people seeking their money back – they make up the majority of cases at civil court.

Furthermore, not only has the underfunding of the civil justice service had a monumental and detrimental impact on the judicial system as a whole, but delays have worsened since the pandemic began.

Unlike the court system that embeds the belief that if there’s ‘little chance of people effectively enforcing their rights, then there is also little incentive for people to comply with the law and their obligations,’ at Cobra, we encourage our clients to bypass the judicial system and pursue your debtor through face-to-face means.

And, although the Ministry of Justice says new measures to reduce the numbers of outstanding cases have been introduced, we at Cobra are not convinced that the situation will improve anytime soon.

Why Take Your Debtor to Court When We Don’t Need a CCJ to Collect?

After everything outlined above, you may not even want to take your debtor to court but think you don’t have a choice. We are here to inform you that you do have a choice.

Cobra Financial Solutions can recover a debt without a CCJ, meaning you don’t need to be like the hundreds of thousands of people now facing an extraordinary and, quite frankly, disgraceful wait to have their case heard in court.

So, don’t put your trust in a court system that’s bursting at the seams; instead, choose the UK’s number one debt recovery agency to deliver a fast, cost-effective and stress-free solution to your debtor problem.

But, what do we do that the courts simply can’t?

Our team of professional, dedicated and experienced recovery agents will visit your debtor and get your money back, face-to-face. Again, unlike the courts, we don’t need a CCJ to get started: you just need to have proof of the original debt.

Be it our specialist team, global network, or list of established and renowned clients such as New York Mellon and City of London Therapy respectively, you can trust us to recover your money whilst protecting your reputation at all times.

Get in touch with one our expert team on 0151 526 4222 to discuss your case in further detail.


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