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Incompetent, negligent, over-priced, runaway ‘cowboy’ builders can cause real concern. Such people often operate on the premise of finding unsuspecting homeowners in need of work doing to their house, taking their money and disappearing.

If you are in the unfortunate position of already having paid a ‘cowboy’ builder only for them to disappear without a trace, then we at Cobra Financial Solutions can help locate them and, most importantly, get your money back.

Using Cobra to recover your money from a rogue trader is guaranteed to be the best decision you make.

Here’s why:

How to Spot a Cowboy Builder

There are a number of warning signs and red flags that could inform your opinion of a suspected rogue trader who absolutely shouldn’t be trusted.

Be cautious of a builder who:

  • Refuses to give you their details

If a builder refuses to give you his details, then they are making it almost impossible to reach them should they disappear. Also, if they refuse to provide any references, they could be hiding something.

In essence, many people just take rogue traders at their word when they claim to be a part of a company or organisation. Don’t!

  • Has Uncomfortable Financial Practices

Be aware of builders who provide estimates which are much lower than any other builders. This may be because they have no intention of sticking to this price or even doing the work.

Furthermore, be careful of builders who only accept cash or don’t charge VAT.

  • In a Rush to Start or Finish Work

When a builder is desperate to start work, they simply want to get their money as quickly as possible and run.

Whilst it’s amazing to find a builder who can begin work quickly, if you feel like you’re being rushed into a decision then take a step back, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

Locate a Rogue Builder

If you’ve been duped, conned or abandoned by a dodgy builder, don’t despair, Cobra Financial Solutions are here to help locate them.

We are experts when it comes to recovering your money from builders and those in the construction industry, drawing upon decades of experience to inform every decision we make on your behalf.

That said, we are also experts at locating your debtor. Don’t think just because you can’t get in touch with your builder or the fact that they gave you a false name and number, that our team of debt recovers can’t locate them. We can!

Don’t Let a Cowboy Builder Get Away with Your Money

Cobra Financial Solutions can recover your debt without a CCJ.

Voted the number one debt recovery agency, we deliver a fast, stress-free resolution to your rogue trader problem.

With numerous clients who we’ve successfully recovered money for from builders, construction companies and fly-by traders, you can relax knowing your money is in safe and trusted hands.

So, if you’re having trouble with or locating a builder, get in touch with one of the Cobra team on 0151 526 4222 to discuss your case further.

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