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Many debt recovery agencies advertise a no win, no fee claim. But how do you know if the firm’s offer is both accurate and legitimate?

There’s no denying it: a no win, no fee claim is appealing. But it’s always advisable to read the small print.

Many newly established debt recovery agencies make these unsubstantiated claims, only to then surprise clients with a list of hidden fees once their money has been collected. And in some instances, clients are even charged extortionate fees in the event of non-collection.

Research your options

When looking for a debt collection agency, it’s important to do your research. Check the company’s independent reviews on Trustpilot and on social media. Find the company on Google and again look carefully at their verified customer reviews. It’s also worth considering the reputability of their website.

Choose professionalism

Business owners who are using a debt collection agency for the first time need to know that their reputation will be upheld at all times, so it’s vital to select a professional service.

If you’re looking for fast and effective results, you need to find an accredited, licenced and authorised company who have a history of success.

Make a call

Once you’ve found a debt collection agency you like, call them. Reputable companies will listen to your needs and advise you on the best options available, without hassling you for your bank details.

Ask the agent to explain their collection procedures. Many ‘no win, no fee’ companies will only make telephone contact with debtors, or send letters and emails. Look for an agency who visit debtors in person, as face-to-face methods have the highest success rate. If they can outline their professional and robust debt collection strategy, then you’re much more likely to get the result you want.

Look for clarity

Before you sign up to a service, look at the terms and conditions carefully. All too often, clients quickly sign up to a no win, no fee deal, yet they fail to look at the small print and end up incurring avoidable costs.

A professional and reputable company will ensure their clients are fully aware of all costs before they sign a contract. If you’re unsure, ask an agent to talk you through the terms and conditions of the contract, clearly highlighting any costs you may not have considered.


Find out the company’s success rate. If it’s not industry high and above its competitors, then there’s more chance of your collection being unsuccessful.

Equally, find out how quickly the agency will pay you after a successful recovery. Delayed payments cause stress and anxiety. You need to know that once your money has been collected, it’ll be back in your pocket.


Our advice is simple: if you want your money back, use a debt collection agency with a history of success.


Choose a quality service you can trust

Here at Cobra Financial Solutions, we provide a free case consultation. If we believe your case will be a success, we’ll take it. At this point, we’ll provide you with a fully-inclusive fee based on the size of the debt in question and the complexity of the case.

No hidden fees. No small print. No extra costs.

If we’re successful in recovering your debt, we’ll charge your debtor a liability fee, not you.

We charge for collections because we work hard to get results. And that’s why we’ve been voted the UK’s number 1 debt collection agency.

With Cobra Financial Solutions, you’ll receive a professional service that will deliver the results you deserve. We’re unwavering in our approach to debt collection. If you’re owed money, you deserve it back. And we’ll do everything in our power to ensure you get your money back in your pocket, where it belongs.

With clients such as New York Mellon, you can relax, knowing your money is in safe and trusted hands. So give one of the Cobra team a call on 0151 526 4222 to discuss your case.

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