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Opens up dialogue

To many creditors, beginning dialogue with debtors feels like an unachievable dream. After wasting hours of administration time dealing with debtors, 27% of UK-based SMEs will then move to write off the debt completely.

But professional collection agents will be highly experienced in negotiating with every type of debtor. Often, when debtors are forced to face their debts directly, they are much more inclined to discuss how best to resolve the situation.

If required, agents can work with debtors to arrange a monthly repayment plan which suits both parties. And face-to-face visits ensure these outcomes can be achieved within a set timeframe.

Ensures clarity and honesty

There can be no ambiguity within a face-to-face conversation, especially when the visit is recorded on body camera technology. Open dialogue gives the collection agent space and freedom to engage with the debtor on their terms. Visits allow agents the opportunity to ask specific questions and get the results they need.

Fast service

Dealing with excuses and following up methods of communication can be tiresome and time consuming for creditors. But unlike electronic communication and postal letters, face-to-face debt collection is an immediate service. Debtors cannot hide behind delays to the post, changing phone numbers or faulty email systems.

Delivers accountability

When debtors are visited directly, they cannot hide. They are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their debt, and often they are more inclined to do so when speaking with a third party.

Many debtors abscond, leaving creditors in a difficult situation. Fortunately, professional recovery agencies provide a debtor tracing service. Meaning wherever they have escaped to, debtors can be found quickly and easily.

Gets results

Face-to-face collection methods yield results.

We are Cobra Financial Solutions, an award-winning debt collection agency. In 2019, our face-to-face collection method had an 89% success rate. Due to our extensive debtor profiling, we know that our collections will be a success. We take cases we know we can win. It’s our industry-high success rates that drive our business forward, so upholding them is our priority.

From our 12 years in business, we know that the most impactful method of debt collection is face-to-face. Emails, letters and phone calls can be effective, but we always bolster this provision with our renown and trusted face-to-face collection method.

Are you owed money?

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Choose the fast, stress-free, low-cost way to get your money back. With no legal fees, no solicitors, no excessive paperwork and no drawn-out court proceedings, Cobra Financial Solutions are your one stop debt collection solution.

We are an award-winning national debt collection agency. We take pride in our 5* Trustpilot rating, and have 12 years of industry-high success rates.

We understand that chasing debtors can be exhausting. So let us take over, while you focus your time, energy and money into what really matters: running your business.

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