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There are a range of ways for you to claim back money that is rightfully yours, including making an online money claim. Below, we have taken a look at some of the most common reasons for making an online money claim and how the process works.


What is an Online Money Claim?


An online money claim – also known as a Money Claim Online – refers to the legal process of claiming financial compensation or the repayment of debts through the court system. It has been designed by the government as a way for you to conveniently make a claim for things such as debts, faulty goods or services, unfair dismissal and personal injury. The system enables you to file your claim through the government website, and everything is done online. You can complete and submit your claim forms, upload supporting documents and pay the necessary fees.


Reasons to Make an Online Money Claim


  • Debts – If you are owed money by a debtor, making an online money claim is one of the ways to legally force them to repay, and to make them catch up with their outstanding financial obligations. You can make an online money claim for a variety of debts, such as unpaid loans or outstanding invoices.


  • Faulty Goods or Services – In the case of faulty goods or services, making an online money claim allows you to seek financial compensation for losses incurred due to receiving faulty products or a subpar service. This could include reimbursement for the cost of the faulty item, repair expenses or compensation for any damages that resulted due to the fault.


  • Breach of Contract – When you are faced with someone breaching a contract, making an online money claim is one way to enforce the terms of the agreement. It can help you to claim compensation for any financial losses suffered as a result of the breach.


  • Personal Injury – Making an online money claim enables you to claim compensation for physical or psychological harm caused by the negligence or wrongful actions of someone else, either an individual or a business. This could include medical expenses, loss of earnings, rehabilitation costs, and compensation for pain and suffering.


  • Unfair Dismissal – If you have been unfairly dismissed from your role, making an online money claim allows you to seek compensation for financial losses resulting from the termination of your employment. This could include lost wages and compensation for any damage to your reputation, future career or professional prospects.


  • Discrimination – Making an online money claim is one way to get compensation for damages resulting from unfair treatment or prejudice based on protected characteristics. This includes characteristics such as race, gender, age, sexuality or disability. Compensation is usually calculated based on financial losses and emotional distress.


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