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If you’ve a customer or business issue that you’ve been trying to resolve but have got no further with by discussing things in a civil manner or negotiating across a table, the next step is usually legal action.

Costing you time and money, issuing court proceedings can be a laborious task. Indeed, most disputes and subsequent claims come under the ‘Small Claims’ headline which is designed for use without the need of a solicitor.

So, we thought we’d take a closer look into how much it costs to take someone to Small Claim Court.

How Much Does a Small Claims Court Cost?

Small Claims Court is an engine whereby several small cases are heard in public. Predominantly involving lesser amounts of money and more simplistic problems, these types of claims often involve a myriad of issues including the likes of faulty product disputes, poor service claims, unpaid invoices, or landlord disputes, for example.

The small claims process is marketed as being easy and straightforward; however, this is never the case as it is mostly convoluted, nasty, costly, and, worst of all, immensely time consuming. With this in mind, we believe you should pursue an altogether cheaper and more effective alternative.

The cheaper and more effective alternative being Cobra Financial Solutions.

What Happens if You Lose in Small Claims Court in the UK?

If you lose in Small Claims Court, you might have to pay your debtor’s fees. If you’re getting benefits or have a low income, you might get the fees reduced or not have to pay any altogether – however, this is rare.

In addition, you can make a small claim yourself but if you want to use a solicitor, then you’ll have to pay for that. Furthermore, if you have received notice that someone is taking you to court and you ignore it, the claimant may also be able to get the court to issue you a judgement forcing you to pay.

In short, Small Claims Court can be hugely costly.

How Long Does Small Claims Court Take in the UK?

Thanks to the pandemic, the Small Claims Court process has become even more convoluted and time consuming.

Indeed, if we’re being honest, you can expect the small claims process to take anything from 6 months to well over a year – both estimates, however, are truly unacceptable.

The Law Society of England and Wales even went as far as to warn claimants that delays across the civil justice system were to be expected, discouraging people from pursuing claims due to time constraints.

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