Reclaim Your Festive Finances

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As the festive season of Christmas 2023 approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to celebrations and finances. This year, following a challenging period of the cost of living crisis, many are contemplating how to manage their expenses during this joyous yet financially demanding time.


Toll of the Festive Season

Families traditionally spend around £3,300 on Christmas preparations, significantly more than an average month’s expenditure, £800 more to be truthful. Gifts, feasts, events, attire, and necessities tally up, causing concern for numerous individuals across the UK as they grapple with the daunting prospect of funding Christmas amidst economic uncertainties.

The statistics speak volumes – nearly 93% of adults in the UK have felt the pinch of rising living costs compared to the previous year. Additionally, approximately one in five businesses reported decreased turnover in May 2023 compared to April 2023, exacerbating worries for many.

Questions linger: How will I afford gifts for my children? Is it feasible to forgo presents this year? How do I manage essential utility bills during the colder months?


Claiming what’s owed to you

Amidst these concerns, there’s an opportunity to reclaim what’s rightfully yours. Whether it’s personal or business-related, owed money deserves to be retrieved promptly and efficiently. Why should your debtor revel in festive abundance while you struggle?

Many individuals and businesses, daunted by the prospect of lengthy legal battles, often write off debt, foregoing their entitlements. However, there’s a better way. Cobra Financial Solutions Ltd specialises in debt collection, recovering over £14 million for clients across the UK in 2022 alone.

Our discreet and professional agents employ advanced body camera technology, leaving no room for debtors to evade their responsibilities. Through meticulous planning and assessment, we determine the debtor’s capacity to repay, leaving no excuse for withholding what rightfully belongs to you.


This Christmas, reclaim control of your finances. Your debtor shouldn’t be funding their festive celebrations at your expense. Trust Cobra Financial Solutions Ltd to retrieve your funds promptly, allowing you to enjoy a well-deserved and relaxed holiday season.

For further details about our services or to begin the process, contact our dedicated team at 0151 305 5994.

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