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Many debtors are hiding behind the Coronavirus pandemic, and using it as an excuse for continued non-payment.

If a debt existed prior to the outbreak, then debtors cannot use the Coronavirus as an excuse for failure to pay an outstanding balance. Many clients are approaching us to enquire about how they can reclaim debt during these uncertain times.

Just last week, Cobra Financial Solutions collected from a debtor who stated: ‘I can’t pay at the moment. I can’t go to the bank.’

Our answer is simple: debt needs to be paid. For us, it is business as usual.

Although we are all aware of the draconian lockdown measures outlined by the government, UK citizens are allowed to leave their homes for work purposes, if work cannot be done remotely. The debtor was immediately informed that almost all UK banks are open, and normal service resumes. Even though many high street banks are operating within reduced opening times, they are open for business. Equally, to ensure the safety of their customers, banks are maintaining strict social distancing measures.

Once the debtor had been told that he could not use the pandemic as an excuse for continued non-payment, the debt was recovered within less than 48 hours of being actioned.

Our client had been trying in vain to reclaim the debt for over 12 months. He told us that his company had wasted hours upon hours of administrative time in doing so.

It is immoral to use Coronavirus as an excuse for the non-payment of pre-acquired debt. If you need a debt reclaimed, trust the experts. Cobra Financial Solutions will secure the funds for you, whilst upholding your reputation.

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