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The great British summer holiday. You can’t beat it. And, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and limited number of destinations to choose to holiday in this year, the sunny summer retreat remains the pinnacle of the warmer months ahead.

With a relaxing summer holiday, we return rested and recharged, but when it’s at the expense of someone else, then that’s just unacceptable.

Using Cobra to recover your money from a debtor is guaranteed to be the best decision you make this summer so, if your debtor is funding their holiday using your money, here’s how we can help you get it back.

Don’t let your debtor sun themselves abroad whilst not paying what they owe

Dealing with a debtor can be incredibly taxing, stressful and unpleasant; often more so when you are owed money from someone you trusted only to then see them sunning themselves on holiday and spending your money whilst you’re left not only feeling angry and anxious, but also picking up the cheque.

When relationships breakdown things can become tricky, but what antagonises people most is when they see their debtor acting like they haven’t got a care in the world whilst relaxing on a beach or in a luxury holiday resort; a luxury holiday resort you paid for.

And that’s where Cobra step in. A private debt recovery agency’s role is to assist individuals in the recovery of monies owed; we take pride, therefore, in disrupting your debtor’s holiday.

When creditors feel disempowered and, worse, humiliated, they can turn to a professional debt recovery agency to work on their behalf and restore your pride.

So, your debtor now lives abroad. No problem.

Having a physical, authoritative presence abroad can tip the balance in your favour when it comes to recovering a debt, whilst Cobra’s sheer aura can even facilitate the recovery of your money.

Don’t think if your debtor has decided to relocate abroad or escape on an extended holiday that we can’t reach them: we can. We’re experts at overseas debt recovery, working alongside a wide and global network of agents to deliver a worldwide service that prides itself on disrupting debtors’ holidays.

At Cobra, we are trusted by clients based across the world, be it the USA or UAE, so you can rest assured that, if you’re debtor has escaped overseas, we can locate them and get your money back.

Is your debtor funding their holiday using your money?

Is your debtor using your money to fund their holiday?

If your debtor’s holiday is at the expense of your money, time and, importantly, mental health, then once you action Cobra, we don’t stand for anything less than 100% client satisfaction.

As more countries are slowly added to the government’s green and amber list, more and more debtors are starting to plan their next holiday using your money. If so, let’s stop them and recover your money before they even step foot in a travel agents’.

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