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There is no happier time than Christmas time. You just can’t beat it. And, in the wake of lockdowns and ruined past plans, everyone is looking forward to the festivities a whole lot more than normal this year.

With a relaxing and riveting Christmas, we live out our festive frivolities in a short space of time, but when that fun is at the expense of someone else, then that’s just unacceptable.

Indeed, using Cobra to recover your money from a debtor is sure to be the best decision you make this Christmas so, if your debtor is funding their festivities using your money, here’s how we can help you get it back.

Don’t Let Your Debtor Enjoy Their Christmas Whilst Not Paying What They Owe

Having a physical, authoritative presence on your side can tip the balance in your favour when it comes to recovering a debt this Christmas, whilst the sheer of aura of instructing a debt collection agency can even facilitate the recovery of your monies.

Don’t think that just because it’s Christmas we won’t confront your debtor face-to-face: we will. We are experts at recovering all types of debt, working alongside a wide range of agents to deliver a service that prides itself on disrupting your debtor’s Christmas and improving yours in the meantime.

At Cobra, we are trusted by clients based up and down the country, so you can rest assured that, if your debtor is planning on paying for their extravagant Christmas using your money, then we can locate them and get your money back before it’s too late.

Is Your Debtor Funding Their Christmas Using Your Money?

If your debtor’s Christmas is at the expense of your money, time and even your mental health, then as soon as you action Cobra, we won’t stand for anything less than 100% client satisfaction.

As we start to build up to the Christmas season, more and more debtors will be thinking about what they can buy and do using your money. If so, let’s stop them and recover your money before they even buy a single present.

How Can Cobra Help This Christmas?

Here at Cobra, we act on your behalf of you, providing you with solutions for getting your money back quickly and effectively. We can also work closely with other professionals to ensure we get positive results this festive season.

Working within both the UK and foreign markets, we locate debtors to ensure all outstanding debts are paid up I fall before December 25th.

With over 75 years’ worth of combined experience, we know that none of the usual festive-themed excuses hold up to scrutiny. So, if you’re owed an invoice or debt, take decisive action today and instruct Cobra before it is too late on

You can also get in touch on 0151 526 4222.

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