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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, prompt payment has never been so essential to millions of businesses. Livelihoods and business longevity are at stake. But what do you do if your client is overseas and refusing to pay?

Collecting international debt can seem a very daunting process, especially with the many changes applied to trade rules across the European Union. A staggering amount of debt is written off across the UK every single day, with many creditors seeing the challenge of locating and chasing debtors too heavy a burden.

When faced with international debt collection, creditors can often feel so overwhelmed by the scale of the process that they simply give up. Many individuals and businesses find navigating the financial rules and regulations of international debt collection incredibly taxing and stressful. The laws surrounding debt collection differ widely between countries, so it is vital that creditors possess a sound understanding of official guidance before proceeding with the collection. Equally, language barriers can also pose a significant challenge for many creditors.

Companies in this situation are forced to choose where their time would be best spent, dealing with the administrative tasks involved in chasing and liaising with debtors, or refocusing on maintaining and building their businesses.

You deserve your money back

But we want you to know that there is a simple, stress-free way to collect international debt.

Cobra Financial Solutions work with a global network of agents to deliver a worldwide debt recovery service for businesses and individuals alike.

The Cobra team can locate debtors right across the world, from the USA to the UAE. With clients such as New York Mellon, we are a trusted international debt recovery agency, delivering a professional and swift service.

We will uphold your reputation throughout the process. And all of our clients will benefit from our discreet and friendly customer service.

Choose Cobra to collect your international debt

We are an award-winning debt collection agency, with 6 offices right across the UK. You can trust us to get your money back, wherever your debtor may be.

  • 5* Trustpilot rating
  • 87% success rate
  • 75 years’ combined debt recovery experience
  • No invisible fees
  • Low-cost
  • A specialist overseas team
  • 24/7 case access
  • Designated case manager
  • A global network


Collect your international debt today

If you are owed money by a debtor living abroad, we can help.

With Cobra, you’ll be aware of the collection fee before you decide to proceed. So you can relax, knowing there won’t be any invisible fees. And to ensure you’re in charge every step of the way, you’ll have exclusive access to the client portal. Here you can review the recovery process live. And your own designated account manager will keep you updated and informed throughout the collection.

So let’s get your money back in your pocket: where it belongs.

To discuss your case with a member of the Cobra team, call us on 0151 526 4222.

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