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Most people never have dealings with a High Court Enforcement Officer or a bailiff. That said, when you need to reclaim monies or assets, you first imagine a bailiff banging down your debtor’s door.

Recently popularised by a slew of low-budget TV shows, bailiffs are now more than ever, seen as the best way to go about recovering your monies.

So, how much do bailiffs cost? And, are they the best option available to you?

Let’s find out.


Bailiff Fees & Charges

So, first question: How much do bailiffs charge?

Essentially, the answer depends on what you actually want the bailiffs to do:

  • If you want a bailiff to collect a judgment, there is currently a statutory fee of £156 that is added to your debt. Indeed, the cost is broken down into a £66 court fee for the writ (a formal written order issued by the courts to legally act), and a £75+ VAT fee for the administration costs.

For evictions, however, things are somewhat different:

  • If you want to evict someone then it depends on multiple variants such as the type of property, land, the size of the eviction and the number of people involved. Furthermore, if you instruct a bailiff to evict someone, the costs usually start around £450+ fees.

Moreover, if the debt is less than £600 (inclusive of costs), then you must use your own county’s court enforcement team. If, however, you want to pursue an alternative means of debt recovery, then there are multiple other options available to you.


What Fees are Issued by Debt Collectors?

Our approach to debt at Cobra is simple. Unlike traditional bailiffs and high court enforcement officers who answer to multiple different authorities, we believe that if you’re owed money, you deserve it back. Simple.

So, with this being always at the forefront of our mind, our costs are determined by the work that needs to be carried out to bring a debtor to the table, and not by statutory court fees or solicitors costs.

This has certainly struck a chord with our clients; in 2020 – and during a pandemic – we collected over £12 million for those who chose to work with our team of debt collectors.


Contact Cobra for face-to-face debt collection

Established over a decade ago, our specialist private debt recovery team are not only cheaper than any bailiff or high court enforcement officer, but we also go further than them when it comes to locating your debtor and recovering your monies.

From state-of-the-art surveillance technology to robust debtor tracing, no bailiff can do what we do. Unlike your typical high court enforcement officer, we start by analysing your claim on its own merits, discussing the circumstances that underpin your claim. We can then get the process started within 48 hours. No queues; no county courts.

So, if you’re struggling to locate your debtor or getting them to repay you your money, take decisive action today and instruct Cobra Financial Solutions on 0151 526 4222.

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