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Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a ‘missing’ debtor means going without being paid forever, as this doesn’t have to be the case. With debtor tracing, we are able to recover your money effectively, even if your debtor is hard to find. Though debtor tracing can be difficult to do yourself, we have a wealth of experience and a variety of impressive tactics at our disposal.

What is Debtor Tracing?

At Cobra Financial, we provide a wide range of debt collection services, and this includes debtor tracing. If a debtor is determined to avoid paying you the money that is rightfully yours, they could go to extreme lengths to hide. They could change their number or move house, or in extreme circumstances, they could flee the country. This can make it extremely difficult to track them down, and receiving your money could become wishful thinking. Even if you do find them, they could lie about having the ability to pay, or they could say they have fewer assets than they really have. Thankfully, debtor tracing is an option. We use a wide range of expert methods and tactics to find your debtor and to determine their ability to pay. Regardless of where they are or how hard they are trying to hide, we will do everything in our power to reach them. Once we do, we can collect your debt and ensure that you are no longer out of pocket.

Methods We Use in Tracing a Debtor

There are a lot of debt collection methods that we can use to trace a debtor, and we aren’t shy about giving it everything that we have. From beginning to end, our focus is on tracing your debtor as quickly as possible. A lot of our debtor tracing is done using the latest surveillance technology, which gives us an insight into who the debtor is and what could be holding them back from paying up. Once we have found and surveilled a debtor, we use a wide range of person-to-person debt collection techniques.

How You Could Benefit from Debtor Tracing

There are a number of circumstances where you could benefit from debtor tracing. For example, if your debtor is abroad and you are dealing with international debt collection, successful debtor tracing can speed up the collection process. Similarly, if a debtor is lying about their assets and their ability to repay, debtor tracing can confirm or debunk what they are saying. A lot of information can be found out using debtor tracing methods and the more information available, the easier debt collection becomes.


At Cobra Financial, we provide a wide range of debt collection services, and this includes debtor tracing. We use our professional methods to recover your money, and that usually starts with tracking your debtor down. To find out more about any of our debt collection services, get in touch with our helpful team of experts.

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