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Every day is different here at Cobra. But some days just knock you for six.


Last week, a gentleman approached us, desperate for help.


An amputee from the knee down, our client had purchased equipment from a disability support company based in Lincolnshire. Designed to aid recovery and support amputees, the equipment cost over £1200. An immense cost, but worth every penny.


However, upon paying the company, our client waited and waited for his equipment. Yet it never arrived. After innumerable, fruitless attempts to contact the directors of the company, he had all but given up. Not only was he now hugely out of pocket, our client was left feeling cheated, vulnerable and broken.


For some reason, debt collectors are not always portrayed positively in the press. We are just burly thugs, wielding baseball bats, who will do anything to get our hands on money. This is simply not true. It is tremendously difficult not to be moved by such a story. Our aim here at Cobra is simple: to recover all debts, and return the money back to the rightful owner. We do this with professionalism, efficiency, and with the upmost respect and care for all of our clients.


Upon seeing the obvious distress of the client, we moved fast. Paying him out of our own pocket, we immediately credited him with the funds.


Cobra will now find the company. We will reclaim the debt, in full. And as a goodwill gesture to our client, we will give the money straight to him.


Yes, there may be some deceitful and underhand people in the world. But they will not win. For every one of them, there are hundreds of individuals and companies, just like us, all doing the right thing: looking after each other.

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