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According to recent figures, and in line with the experience of many, civil court delays in England and Wales have reached record highs. With the average time for a small claim to reach trial now up to a year, a growing number of people are trying to pursue debt collection in other ways.

How Bad are the Delays?

According to recent figures, small claims and fast track claims are now taking longer to reach trial than they did in 2022. Between January and March of this year, it took an average of 51.9 weeks for a small claim to go to trial after being issued. This is almost a week longer than it took between January and March of last year. This is largely due to the fact that there were 11% more trials in 2023 than in 2022, which contributed to a backlog of cases and an increased workload. As The Association of Consumer Support Organisations explained, this is the worst it has been since 2009. Despite the number of cases reducing between 2019 and 2022, it’s taking almost a year longer for a case to be heard in court.

There is also an element of small claims court delays being a postcode lottery. For example, court delays in Dartford are said to be 829 days, whereas Blackpool delays were a lot less at 79 days. Where you live in the country can hugely impact how long you will have to wait for your claim to go to trial, ranging from 462 days in the South East and 251 days in the North East. Regardless, small claims court delays are longer than ever.

The Impact of Small Claims Court Delays

Small claims court delays can have a big impact on businesses and individuals. Not only can a lengthy court process cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but it’s a time consuming process. The feeling of endlessly waiting for a resolution can be tiring, and it can take focus away from other things. It’s also important to remember that owed money can have a knock on effect on a business and an individual, and it can be hugely financially draining. When payments aren’t made on time, businesses can struggle to keep up with outgoings, such as the costs of running a business and paying staff. For an individual, being owed money can make it difficult to keep on top of rent and mortgage payments, bills and the general cost of living.

How to Beat Small Claims Court Delays

You can beat small claims court delays by enlisting Cobra Financial and our face-to-face debt collection services. We can get started within 24 hours, and we are not subject to the bureaucracy of the small claims court system. We work tirelessly to recover your money as quickly as possible. Find out more by getting in touch with our helpful team.

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