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Coronavirus and the courts


The ripples of the Coronavirus pandemic are being felt across the globe. Alongside the devastating loss of life, the number of organisations who have fallen in the wake of this deadly virus is growing by the day.


In order to comply with the government’s strict social distancing measures, almost all businesses and organisations have had to change their daily operations. Even the courts.


The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon, stated last month that, ‘it is not business as usual,’ in our judiciary system. Despite being obliged to continue offering the public a legal service during this time of national crisis, the constraints of social distancing have had a notable impact on legal proceedings.


Courts have now turned to technology in order to deliver hearings, by both telephone and video. However, due to the fact that one, or all participants will need to attend the remote court, a logistical nightmare awaits. Not all attendees can assure the court they will be able to attend on a particular date. Many now find themselves without childcare, in self-isolation or caring for members of their family.


Noted in the report is an admission that there will be ‘inevitable backlogs and delays,’ alongside the prospect that the pandemic will continue to impact the normal functioning of the courts for ‘many months.’ The Lord Chief Justice goes on to state that exploring the ‘possibility of compromise’ needs to be considered where possible.


Those who are endeavouring to take debtors to court may now be left feeling dejected and frustrated. Many have already waited months during the mediation process, so the prospect of now being told to compromise with debtors is most unwelcome.


Even before the outbreak of the virus, bringing a case to trial would have taken an average of 30 weeks. Yet with the huge backlogs now expected as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, taking a debtor to court may now realistically take years.


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