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Head office: 0151 526 4222
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Head Office:0151 526 4222

Cobra Financial Solutions: Answering Your Questions

What service do Cobra Financial Solutions provide?

We are one of the largest and most reputable debt collection agencies in the UK. 

Cobra Financial Solutions have a no-nonsense approach to debt recovery. It really is simple: if you’re owed money, you deserve it back. 

How do we maintain our industry-high success rate of 90%? Well, our skilled team of agents have 75 years’ combined experience in the field. We know letters and emails don’t work, but face-to-face interaction does. So we use the latest body cam technology to record all communication with debtors. In 2019 alone, we collected over 14 million pounds from debtors across the UK. 

So whether it’s a business or personal debt, trust our expert team to recover it for you. Quickly. Discreetly and professionally. It’s what we do. 

I’m owed money. What can you do for me? 

If you have a debt of over £1000, Cobra Financial Solutions can action it for you, today. 

If you have documented evidence, and your debtor isn’t insolvent, then it’s full steam ahead. 

We won’t stop until you have your money back. 

How fast can you get my money?

We action each case within 24 hours. And the debtor is visited within 48 hours of instruction. 

From the second you sign on the dotted line, you’ll be assigned a designated account manager, who will keep you updated throughout the recovery. You’ll also be given exclusive access to our client portal, which will track the collection as it happens. 

Where in the UK do you work? 

Wherever you want us to. 

With 5 offices located across the UK, Cobra Financial Solutions offer a truly nationwide service. 

Will you uphold my reputation during collection? 

We never compromise our reputation, and neither should you. 

Cobra Financial Solutions have been trading for 11 years and we’re ridiculously proud of our client satisfaction rate. It means everything to us. We have over 260 verified reviews on Trustpilot, giving us an average TrustScore of 4.8 out of 5.

We negotiate, overcome objections and create solutions, whilst adhering to the industry’s strict code of professional conduct. So, yes. We’re a team of dedicated professionals, who know that customer service is at the heart of what we do. 

Your reputation is our reputation. 

Can you still collect debt during a pandemic? 

Our doors never closed. 

So, yes. We’re open for business. 

What’s the cost? 

In order to confirm instruction, we charge a fixed fee. This amount is calculated on the estimated work involved in the collection. (Some cases are more complex than others.) 

However, this fee is recoverable. For B2B debts, we are able to apply interest and compensation, in accordance with the late payment of commercial debt act, 1998. Once all funds have been collected from the debtor, we charge a 15% success fee. 

But knowing you won in the end – well, that’s priceless. 

Ready to get started? Call one of the team on 0151 526 4222.