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The New Year is fast approaching, and yet it could be thrown into chaos at a moment’s notice due to the resurgence of the Coronavirus pandemic in the form of the Omicron Variant.

So, with some of us in isolation and others nervously running around trying to get everything sorted for a celebration that could be postponed in the coming days and weeks, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that the Omicron variant and pandemic is no excuse for non-payment.

Here’s why it is important to continue to stay on top of your debts over the chaotic Christmas period.

Omicron is No Excuse for Continued Non-Payment

Many debtors are now buoyed and suddenly hiding behind the Coronavirus pandemic yet again, using the new wave of infections as an excuse for continued no-payment.

With every passing day, a new lockdown or circuit breaker looks more and more likely, and now many debtors are holding out until the inevitable happens so they can use the new lockdown measures as yet another excuse not to pay their debts.

However, if a debt exists prior to any lockdown being imposed upon us, then debtors cannot use the virus as an excuse for failing to pay you what you’re owed. At Cobra, we also won’t let them get away with it.

Simply put, if you can work remotely then you can pay your debts.

Furthermore, whilst many people are either sadly isolating from their families at Christmas or spending the festivities without a loved one for the very first time, don’t you think it’s somewhat immoral to use such a sad situation as an excuse for dodging a debt?

We Are Covid Compliant. So, It’s Business as Usual

In the wake of the Omicron Variant, and the Coronavirus pandemic of the last eighteen months, we have continued to uphold our safety policies to ensure we are safe and comprehensively Covid compliant.

These measures are in place to ensure we keep you and our agents safe; our enforcement agents wear PPE work wear and uphold the stipulated government guidelines to the highest standards.

Moreover, our agents also wear and record their visits via state-of-the-art body cam technology, meaning we cannot be accused by disgruntled debtors of not adhering to the guidelines.

Use an Expert Agency That’s Heard Every Excuse in the Book!

At Cobra, we don’t take no for an answer, whilst we’ve heard every excuse in the book.

Whether we go into lockdown or not, our dedicated debt recovery agents take pride in helping people recover their monies in these scary and unpredictable times.

Indeed, once we have robustly informed your debtor that they cannot use the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse for continued non-payment, we can subsequently recover your debt within 48 hours of being actioned.

So, if you’re sick and tired of hearing your debtor use the Covid pandemic as an excuse for not paying their debts, then take decisive action and instruct us today at

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