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There is a common misconception that disappearing means not having to repay the debts that you owe and many people will disappear for that reason alone, but that is not actually how things work.

If you are owed money by someone who has disappeared, you can still claim the debts back. Though it’s a slightly more complex process than simply chasing repayments when you know where someone is, it’s certainly doable.

Recovering Debts From Someone Who Can’t Be Traced

It’s not unusual for someone in debt to disappear as a way to avoid repayment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t claim debts from them. It could be that they are ignoring your demands and refusing to communicate with you, or it could mean that they have fled completely. Whatever the reason, there are always ways to claim debts from someone who has disappeared.

Claiming debts from someone who’s disappeared can be difficult, especially if you’re lacking in information about them. They might have provided you with a false name, or they might be using a false name now. They might have given you someone else’s address, or they might have moved since then and failed to update you. Even if you do have the right details for them, they might simply be ignoring your attempts to claim the debt. When this happens, seeking professional debt recovery help is often the best route to take.

Call the Debtor Tracing Experts

At Cobra Financial Solutions, we have a proven track record of locating debtors using the little information you do have about someone who has disappeared. Though you may not know where they are hiding or even the name that they are now using, we will utilise every piece of information you have in order to track them down successfully.

A lot of people give false names and details when they are trying to avoid repaying a debt, but that does not mean that they are impossible to find. They might have disappeared as far as you can tell, but we have the skills and experience needed to claim debts from someone who doesn’t want to be found. Even with only a few details to go on, we are still able to locate them on your behalf.

Recover Your Debts From Overseas

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that recovering your debts from overseas is impossible, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Though it is by no means a straightforward or simple task, especially if they have gone somewhere ‘off grid’ or hard to access, we can find them using our global network of talented agents.

Heading overseas might make it a lot harder for you to make someone repay their debts, but it doesn’t hold us back. At Cobra Financial Solutions, we have what it takes to make someone who has disappeared repay their debts, even if they are currently abroad or hiding overseas.

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