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It is estimated that up to 8.3 million people in the UK owe money. And in this uncertain economic climate, this figure will undoubtedly rise. 

If you are owed money, but your debtor is refusing to pay, it’s understandable to feel angry and resentful. In fact, dealing with a bad debtor can have a significant impact on your own wellbeing. But understanding your debtor’s reasons for non-payment can help you to gain closure, and determine the right course of action moving forward.

With our 75 years’ combined experience in the industry, the team here at Cobra have met every type of debtor. They come in all shapes and sizes: previous customers, business owners, even family members. We know how they think. And how they behave. 

Generally, debtors fall into one of these four categories: 

Made a mistakers

Some debtors genuinely fall into this category. They’ve paid for a product or service that they just cannot afford to pay for. They’re usually deeply regretful, and are desperately trying to repay their debts. Although these are the less common type of debtor, we’ve worked with debtors who are trying to put things right. 

If we come across a debtor who is struggling, we will work with them to create an achievable and workable payment plan. Yes, Cobra secure the payment, but we always endeavour to ensure the debtor’s livelihood is not compromised. 

Story spinners 

These debtors use every excuse under the sun to explain why they can’t pay their debts. We’ve honestly heard them all. From ‘my dog ate my credit card’ to ‘my neighbour stole my identity.’ We even dealt with a debtor who told us it was in fact his identical twin who had racked up the debt. (Our team quickly found out he only had one sister, who lived abroad.) You can usually spot a story spinner easily, as their excuse will change multiple times. 

Luckily, as the team at Cobra wear body camera technology to record all debtor visits, we can quickly move to disprove any falsified statements. 


These are your classic type of debtor. They’ve paid for a service or product, and then completely disappear. If you meet a vanisher in person, they are usually very forthcoming and believable. Seemingly trustworthy. Usually our clients chase them for months, but simply cannot find them anywhere. 

Fortunately, the team at Cobra provide an enhanced surveillance service, so we can find out the exact location of an individual, wherever they may be hiding. 

Just deceitful to the bone

Sadly, Cobra meet thousands of this type of debtor, every single year. 

They pay for a service or product, then simply refuse to pay, even though they have the means to do so. They often ignore emails, phone calls or letters. If they are eventually contacted, they often become angry or aggressive, feigning ignorance, or asserting their right to anonymity. Some even turn themselves into the victim. It’s this type of debtor who will lie at every given opportunity, and sometimes completely deny all knowledge of the situation. 

If you have tried (in vain) to retrieve your money from an unscrupulous debtor, then Cobra Financial Solutions can help. Established in 2009, we are a team of specialist debt recovery experts. Once we receive instruction, we will visit your debtor within just 48 hours. And with an industry-high success rate of 90.4%, what’s not to love? 

No solicitors. No court fees. No mounds of paperwork. No long, drawn-out wait for a court hearing. Just your money back in your pocket, where it belongs. 

Call one of the Cobra team to discuss your case, today. 

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