When it comes to collecting payments from difficult customers, a debt collection agency can be a huge help. But choosing the right debt collection agents to help you recover what’s rightfully yours can be challenging. The main aim in every instance is to find a reliable and reputable B2B (Business to Business) debt collection agency who will help to support your business and get the desired results.

Here are four questions you should put to your potential debt collection agency to improve your chances of finding the ideal debt recovery partner.

1. Do you understand my industry?

Every industry is different from the next, with varying challenges and intricacies when it comes to contracts and invoicing. Speaking as a reputable B2B debt collection we can say first hand that knowing these variations can make a massive difference when it comes to successfully collecting money. As simple as it sounds, a debt collection agency that knows your industry and its challenges can bring knowledge and results to rival someone who doesn’t. What’s more, those with experience of navigating the tricky payment processes of large companies will be able to use this expertise to bring you the desired results.

2. How long have you been operating?

Whilst trading time is not directly correlated to success it can be a good indicator of how successful a debt collection agency are and how much experience they have of collecting payments from difficult customers. As professional debt collection agents, Cobra Financial Solutions have been operating since 2009 and have successfully collected over 15 million pounds for clients. Don’t just take our word for it though. Feel free to take a look at our testimonials, success stories and social media profile to gauge what others thought about our services. One thing to remember is depending on your needs, the debt collection agency’s strengths, its reputation and its track record should be a good starting point to choosing the right agency for you. Cobra Financial Solutions are here to help you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help you.


3. What are your fees?

Across the UK, different debt collection agencies charge different fees for their services. Some will require an upfront payment, whilst others will charge a success-based fee. The important thing here is transparency. Get in touch and speak with one of our debt collection agents to discuss our fees here at Cobra Financial Solutions. We work to ensure you know exactly what our fee are, what they cover and how they should be paid so that there are no surprises. Not now, not ever.

4. What collection methods do you use?

Different debt collection agencies favour different methods of debt recovery. Some will use an aggressive approach to collect the payment but here at Cobra Financial Solutions we listen to your requirements and provide a service that you are happy with. We use professional, persistent and persuasive debt collection recovery methods to ensure you recover what is rightfully yours. As specialists in B2B debt collection, Cobra Financial Solutions are on hand to help you sort your debt issues and settle your outstanding accounts, without the hassle.