The summer holidays are finally here. The temptation to get away for warmer climates is evident every day with many entrepreneurs jetting off for a well-deserved break but there are some things you should consider before setting off for the sunshine in order to prevent business headaches on your return.

Forgetting to schedule payments

The last thing you want on your return to work is to be faced with final demand letters from suppliers with late payment charges attached. It is very commonplace for the late payment of invoices to be held up because invoices required authorisation which couldn’t be obtained so think about how to reduce this impact or organise things in advance for a smooth, hassle free holiday.

Set up an out-of-office reply

Just because you’re taking a break doesn’t mean everyone else will be. Organising an out of office message will mean that people know you are away and that you aren’t ignoring them. Any urgent enquiries can be successfully passed on to another member of the team who can take care of things while you’re away.

Failing to get paid

In smaller business, it is very important that provisions are made to make sure someone keeps on top of your credit control in your absence. Whether that’s someone else in the office, a part time resource or an outsourced agency, you need to have processes in place to ensure a smooth experience for all. With this in mind, it is essential to engage a person you trust while you are away.

Racking up huge phone bills

For many, the urge or temptation to check in at work while you are meant to be enjoying your holiday is just too much. Despite what you might think, it is still possible to rack up a mammoth data bill if you aren’t careful so make sure you factor this into the equation should you need to check your emails or make overseas calls. And if you regularly go abroad on holiday for business or pleasure, be sure to do some research and make sure you are on the best contract to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Forgetting to enjoy yourself

As obvious as it sounds, it is important to relax and enjoy yourself while you are away. And yes, while it is hard to switch off completely, it is essential for your mental and physical wellbeing to have a break.

Not only will it make you feel better, getting away from it all also helps to boost your health and give you time to rejuvenate. If checking in at work is a must, ensure you set aside a particular time to check your emails, make calls and use the computer or it’ll become very distracting and will affect your overall holiday experience.

Failing to schedule marketing content

If you’ve worked hard to get people to find your website online via social media posts or blogs, don’t forget to schedule these in so your engagement with clients continues regardless of if you are in the country or not. In such instances, it is important to schedule content in or ask a trusted member of your staff to maintain your online presence and reply where appropriate. Why? You’ll see the benefits on your return and it’ll all be worth it, so go off and enjoy yourself- you’ll feel x10 better for it.
If you are planning on going on holiday and have overdue accounts you want settling before you go, or believe that some of your clients will fall behind while you are away, get in touch with Cobra Financial Solutions. We will help organise your businesses finances to ensure you enjoy a relaxing, well deserved holiday. With offices in both the North and South of the United Kingdom, Cobra Financial Solutions are on hand when you need it the most.