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Head Office:0151 526 4222

Face-to-Face Debt Collection & Recovery

There’s nowhere to hide

Our approach to debt collection is simple: if you are owed money, you deserve it back.

With 75 years’ combined experience in the industry, Cobra Financial Solutions know how debtors work. How they think, and behave. We know that letters, phone calls and emails just don’t work. So we visit debtors face-to-face, unannounced.

Wearing the latest in body camera technology, our highly-skilled collection agents visit debtors within just 48 hours of instruction. We also record all communication with debtors. Meaning there can be no excuses. No elaborate stories. And no-nonsense.

Our dedicated team investigate each debtor thoroughly through our advanced search and vetting process. So if we take your case, it’s because we know we can win. And with 5 strategically placed offices across the UK, there really is nowhere for debtors to hide.

Cobra’s person-to-person recovery practice has led to our industry-high success rate of 90.4%. That’s thousands of satisfied clients. Clients whose money is now back in their pockets. Where it belongs.

Trust Cobra

  • Trustpilot’s #1 rated debt collection agency
  • Quick and efficient time frame
  • Cost effective
  • Offices and agents across the UK
  • Unrivalled customer service
  • Professional and experienced recovery agents
  • Hundreds of verified customer reviews
  • Latest in body camera and surveillance technology
  • Vast portfolio across both the private and public sector
  • 75 years’ combined experience in the industry
  • Real-time reporting
  • We only take cases we know we can win

What’s the cost?

In order to confirm instruction, we charge a fixed fee. This amount is calculated on the estimated work involved in the collection. (Some cases are more complex than others.)

However, this fee is recoverable. For B2B debts, we are able to apply interest and compensation, in accordance with the late payment of commercial debt act, 1998. Once all funds have been collected from the debtor, we charge a 15% success fee.

But knowing you won in the end – well, that’s priceless.

Want your money back?

Then let’s get started. Call one of the Cobra team on 0151 526 4222.