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No-nonsense, straight-talking debt collection service

Cobra Financial Solutions represent large corporate companies, SMEs, sole traders and individuals right across the United Kingdom. Irrespective of your circumstances, we believe in justice. So if you are owed £1,000 or more, we will collect your money from your debtor. And return it to you. Where it belongs. It really is that simple.

Who We Work With

Small business debt collection

Cobra Financial Solutions began life as a small business back in 2009. So we know just how imperative timely payments are. Receiving a late payment, or not being paid at all, can have a devastating impact on your daily operations. So if you are a sole trader or an SME, trust Cobra to collect your money from your debtor. We do so professionally and efficiently, whilst upholding your reputation.

Who We Work With

Large corporations and businesses

With a vast array of corporate clients in our portfolio, we continue to be trusted by some of the most recognisable names in business. Working both within and around the capital, we collect millions of pounds for our corporate clients, every single year. And here at Cobra, we know that reputation is everything, so we recover debts professionally and ethically, at all times.

Specialist sectors

The team at Cobra have worked with clients from a range of industries. With 75 years’ combined experience, our specialist agents have a wealth of industry knowledge, and understand how to communicate with clients of all backgrounds, from conglomerate representatives to sole traders. We adapt our practice to suit your case, meaning that you get the best possible service, every time.

Who We Work With


Cobra work with multi-sector professionals to collect their unpaid fees. So whether you’re a solicitor or an accountant, we can recover funds from your debtor, whilst upholding your professional reputation.

Who We Work With

Mortgage arrears

Working both within the UK and internationally, we find debtors to ensure all outstanding mortgages are paid, or refinanced. Cobra also collect unpaid personal loans which may be held against property assets.

Who We Work With

Financial services

Cobra work with colleagues in the international finance and banking sectors to collect unpaid fees, including outstanding claims, loans, mortgages and bank charges.

Who We Work With


Our specialist team work with a range of companies in the insurance sectors, collecting unpaid premiums, and helping debtors to take control of their payment plans.

Who We Work With


Working with clients in both the public and private sectors, we support institutions in the effective collection of tuition fees and accommodation costs.

Who We Work With

Entertainment and leisure

Cobra work with a range of clients across the leisure, entertainment and hospitality sectors. Our agents collect unpaid fees, find absconded members and help debtors to effectively manage their agreed payment plans.

Who We Work With


Supporting colleagues in the IT and telecommunication fields, Cobra’s agents collect unpaid customer debts and provide additional credit management services.

Who We Work With

Motor finance

Cobra work with motor finance companies right across the UK to deliver a range of services, from debt collection to credit control.

Who We Work With


Our team partner with global travel brands to recover unpaid fees, from package holidays to non-payments of excursions and rentals.

Who We Work With


We work with the utilities sector to locate their debtors and collect unpaid bills or arrears.

Who We Work With

Construction and tradespeople

Our portfolio includes a wide range of colleagues within the trade and construction industries, from renown corporate clients to independent sole traders.

Who We Work With


Cobra Financial work with petrol suppliers and chains to decrease forecourt theft, and ensure all non-payment fuel fees are recovered.

Who We Work With

Trust Cobra

  • Trustpilot’s #1 rated debt collection agency
  • One of the highest success rates in the industry
  • Cases actioned within 24 hours
  • Quick and cost effective
  • Offices and agents across the UK
  • Unrivalled customer service
  • Professional and experienced recovery agents
  • Hundreds of verified customer reviews
  • Latest in body camera and surveillance technology
  • Vast portfolio across both the private and public sector
  • 75 years’ combined experience in the industry
  • Real-time reporting
  • We only take cases we know we can win

Get your money back

If you want to find out how Cobra can help you or your business, or you wish to discuss your case in detail, then call one of the team on 0151 526 4222 for further advice and support.

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