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Head Office:0151 526 4222

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Amount Collected – £440K

Amount Collected – £8,204

Amount Collected – £40K

Amount Collected – £9,760

Watch our video below to see why employing COBRA to COLLECT is your best chance of RECOVERING YOUR MONEY

* If you are owed a minimum of £1,000 or more, we can begin the recovery process, today.

How Does It Work?


Contact us with details of the Debt you want us to recover. (*Your debt must be a minimum of £1000).


We will conduct fiscal searches upon your Debtor to make sure your Debtor(s) have a means to pay


We will proceed to visiting your Debtors within 48 hours of instruction. (Our visits are unannounced).


We will have brought the Debtor to the table and obtained agreements to recover your monies.