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Small Claims Court Alternative

Thinking of taking your debtor to Small Claims Court? More often than not, this can be a long, drawn out process that doesn’t always lead to a result.

At Cobra, we offer an alternative solution to Small Claims Court.

Want to know more about how Cobra Financial Solutions can save you the hassle and get the best results quickly? Contact us today! Million pounds collected for our clients in 2019.

90% success rate achieved in 2019 (an industry high).

Case actioned within 24 hours, Debtor visited within 48 hours.

We will have you paid and fast

Contact us with details of the Debt you want us to recover (however it must be over £1000.00)
2We will assess if your Debt is legally Enforceable. (we will also need to view your paperwork)
3We will proceed to visiting your Debtors within 48 hours of instruction. (our visits are unannounced)
4We will have brought the Debtor to the table and obtained agreements to recover your monies.





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Excellent 4.8 out of 5

It’s YOUR money, NOT theirs.
NOW is the time to act.





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