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If you know anything about debt collection, you will know that bailiffs are often involved. However, a lot of the time the term ‘bailiff’ and ‘debt collection agency’ are used interchangeably, even though they are slightly different. At Cobra Financial, we are a team of skilled debt collection experts, and we are able to help you to recover the funds that are rightfully yours. This is similar to what a bailiff does, except we do it without the lengthy court process.

What is a Bailiff?

Bailiffs – also known as enforcement agents – have legal authority to take specific actions to recover debts, and this authority is granted by the court. There are a range of ways that a bailiff can recover a debt, including seizing goods, repossessing assets or enforcing court ordered judgements. This differs from a debt collection agency, as our focus is on encouraging a debtor to repay what they owe before the courts become involved. For a lot of debts, involving a debt collection agency is the first port of call. More often than not, we can organise a debtor’s repayment before bailiffs are needed.

Bailiffs vs. Debt Collection Agency

Though bailiffs and debt collection agencies are both involved in the process of recovering debts, there are key differences between the two. Bailiffs usually become involved in the debt collection process after legal action has been taken against the debtor. They are part of the enforcement process following a court judgement, and their actions are typically dictated by a specific court order. Debt collection agencies operate slightly differently, as we are part of the earlier stage of the debt recovery process, often before legal action is pursued. At Cobra Financial, we focus on communicating and negotiating with debtors, and our aim is to encourage debtors to repay any outstanding money owed.

Whereas bailiffs are able to take goods and assets, debt recovery agencies are not. Our focus is always on encouraging a debtor to pay before the debt spirals out of control and the courts are involved, which means that we don’t seize assets or repossess goods. Our efforts are primarily centred around communication, negotiation and providing payment options.

Debt collection agencies usually contact debtors through phone calls, letters and emails, with face-to-face visits if other forms of communication haven’t worked. Our goal is to establish communication, understand the debtor’s financial situation and negotiate a repayment plan with them. Bailiffs focus less on reaching out via phone calls and letters, and a lot of what they do involves physically visiting the debtor’s premises to enforce the debt recovery.

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    The Benefits of Using Bodycam Technology

    Both bailiffs and debt collection agents use bodycam technology, and there are a number of reasons for this.

    • Accountability – With debtors trying to do whatever they can to get out of repaying a debt, accountability is important. Bodycams promote accountability by recording a debt collection agency’s interactions with a debtor. This ensures that all face-to-face interactions are transparent and honest, and it ensures that our experts act professionally at all times.
    • Disputes – There’s always the chance that a debtor will make a complaint about a debt collection agency, wrongly claiming that a face-to-face meeting was unprofessional. In the event of disputes or complaints, footage from a bodycam provides a record of everything that happened. This can be helpful when it comes to resolving conflicts, verifying claims and protecting debt collectors from unfair and incorrect accusations.
    • Communication – Bodycams can help to improve communication between debtors and debt collectors. Knowing that their interactions are being recorded could encourage debtors to engage more openly and honestly, which can lead to more productive and cooperative discussions.

    The Benefits of Surveillance Services

    Surveillance is a huge part of how bailiffs and debt collection experts successfully find debtors.

    • Verification – Surveillance helps to verify the location and assets of debtors, which provides confirmation to us that we are looking in the right place. Surveillance services ensure that we have accurate information about the debtor’s financial situation, which helps us to use more informed and targeted debt recovery strategies.
    • Risk – Surveillance reduces the amount of risk involved in debt collection, which comes with inaccurate information or incorrect claims. By independently verifying the debtor’s situation, we can reduce the likelihood of making incorrect decisions, whilst also optimising our debt recovery strategies.
    • Recovery – Surveillance can lead to higher recovery rates, as it provides information that we can use to our advantage. Armed with accurate information, our debt collection experts can tailor our debt recovery approach and negotiations more effectively, with the individual debtor in mind. This increases the chances of successful debt collection.
    What Methods Do Debt Collection Agencies Use to Collect Debts?

    Face-to-Face Debt Collection Agents

    There are a variety of ways to chase a debt, but face-to-face debt collection is by far one of the most effective techniques, and it’s used by debt collection agencies and bailiffs alike. Face-to-face debt collection is especially beneficial when the agents use bodycams and surveillance to their advantage.

    Face-to-face debt collection agents use bodycams to document their interactions with debtors. These cameras record video and audio footage, creating a timestamped record of the entire meeting. In situations where disputes arise between debtors and face-to-face debt collection agents, bodycam footage can be a key part of the resolution process. Bodycams also act as a security measure, deterring potential aggression from debtors. Anything that is done or said during the face-to-face meeting is documented.

    Face-to-face debt collection agents also use surveillance services to determine what a debtor has in terms of assets and for location verification. Agents can visually document the debtor’s possessions and financial situation, providing additional context for debt recovery strategies.

    Professional Debt Collection and Recovery Services

    At Cobra Financial, we provide a wide range of debt recovery strategies – such as bodycams and surveillance services – and that involves working in a similar way to bailiffs. We are able to visit debtors face-to-face and communicate, negotiate and organise the repayment of your debt.

    How Does the Debt Collection Process Work?

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