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Don’t waste your time and money with money claims online


What are Money Claims Online?


Money Claim Online – or MCOL – is HM Courts and Tribunals Service internet-based service for claimants and defendants. Portrayed as a convenient and secure way of making or responding to an online, Money Claims are sometimes not as expedient and simple as they are made out to be

Though successful on occasion, nothing quite beats the competent, professional service you get when employing an expert, award-winning debt recovery team who specialise in dealing with debtors face-to-face.

That said, Money Claims Online provide an internet-based service that deals with your case solely online. Your self-proclaimed ‘litigant in person,’ Money Claims Online claim to recover the money you’re owed by going through the traditional legal channels and working with you online. However, we at Cobra know that going down the legal route doesn’t always work, and can be a long, frustrating and drawn-out process.

Why do people choose Money Claims Online? MCOL is an alternative way to make a claim instead of having to issue a civil claim through the court system.

What’s more, we believe that people choose MCOL not because they want to avoid court – you’re more likely to avoid the court system by instructing a face-to-face debt recovery agency like Cobra – but because they don’t understand what a traditional debt recovery service entails, be it forensic accounting, the latest innovations in body-cam technology or our 4.9 Trustpilot reviews, for example.


How much does it cost to make a Money Claim Online?


With Money Claims Online, you must always pay a court fee when you make your claim.

Based on the amount you’re claiming plus interest, if you don’t know the exact amount then you cannot make a claim. You also need to estimate the amount you’re claiming and pay the paper form fee for the amount if you can’t seem to complete the MCOL process.

In essence, Money Claims Online can be costly; but they can also rob you of your time. We at Cobra understand that your time is precious, so we keep our paperwork to a minimum and instead employ you to use our state-of-the-art client portal.


How long do Money Claims Online take to process a claim?


It can take a whopping 6 weeks to process your claim online, and, even worse, you can expect it to take up to an eyewatering 6 months to process your claim if it is disputed and a hearing is required.

At Cobra, we simply don’t stand for that!

From our first consultation, we can action you claim within 48 hours and, in some cases, have your money back in your pocket on the same day.

We don’t wait around for court dates, paperwork and for people to dispute your case simply to stretch out the process and buy more time to gather funds. With our expert team, there’s nowhere to hide and nowhere to run.


Trust Cobra… Money Claims Online doesn’t work


Let’s be honest, Money Claims Online simply doesn’t work and isn’t worthwhile; not when you can choose to put your trust in a team of debt recovery agents who specialise in delivering results.

Don’t bother messing about online or wasting your time in court, Cobra Financial Solutions are here to help, fast. We are specialists in a number of key areas concerning debt recovery, drawing upon over a decade of expertise to inform every decision we make on your behalf.

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