Good cash flow is the life blood of any business, whether large or small, so it’s essential to monitor overdue invoices and act quickly to ensure payment.

Failure to act promptly could mean your firm incurs damaging losses if a defaulting customer becomes insolvent and can’t afford to pay you.

Naturally, there are several early signs that a customer may be struggling financially. As an experienced debt collection agency, Cobra Financial Solutions have seen and heard every single excuse under the sun, we can assure you of that! Late payment of invoices is an obvious indicator of struggling accounts but so is erratic or partial payments.

For example, when a business gets into difficulties it may settle only part of an invoice with a promise to pay the balance the following week or month. Sounds great, but it really isn’t as the likelihood of the invoice getting settled as soon as possible gets slimmer as time goes by.

Furthermore, if a business has several invoices from a supplier, it may pay the smaller bills before the larger ones even if the larger ones are the most overdue. In such instances, the business may feel like they are clearing down lots of smaller invoices and making space to think straight and see more clearly but this doesn’t help those with very overdue invoices.

Delaying tactics also come into play. A business in difficulty may try to buy time by disputing an invoice and asking for more details about what was supplied. It may be that they will claim they never received the invoice and ask for a copy to be sent- be wary if you hear this excuse as it may not be as genuine as it stands! What’s more, they may then treat it as a new invoice that doesn’t have to be paid for another 30 days or whatever your standard terms may be so watch out!

Doing what’s right

It’s very true that many businesses are reluctant to take action to enforce payment because they fear offending the customer and losing repeat business. Of course, there may be genuine reasons for non-payment, and some companies may have to be given a little leeway. However, in truth many businesses, both large and small, exploit the fact that you don’t want to jeopardise your relationship with them and they ignore your polite requests for payment. It is only when you take legal action that they finally take you seriously.


With extensive experience in B2B debt collection, our team of professional debt collection agents will certainly agree that businesses shouldn’t be afraid to explore the various options to recover outstanding monies. While it may be important to maintain a good relationship with customers, there’s no point in doing business with them if they don’t pay their invoices.

So, if you are struggling to recover B2B debts, get in touch with Cobra Financial Solutions. We are here to help get back what is rightfully yours. We look forward to helping you get back on the straight and narrow! And for reassurance, check out our glowing testimonials here.