Forget ‘Can’t Pay We’ll take it away’, as professional debt collection agents, Cobra Financial Solutions are on hand to make collecting what is rightfully yours as hassle-free as possible. To save any confusion or panic, we’ve taken the time to dispel some of the more common myths about debt recovery services:

Myth 1: Debt collectors are scary people who knock on doors and threaten people

Debt collectors reach out to debtors by all manner of means including email, phone, letter, or face to face and communicate calmly, professionally and civilly.

Myth 2: Debt collection companies will demand large fees from me

A reputable debt collection agency will not ask for huge amounts of money up front. While there are some cowboy outfits who give the industry a bad name by demanding payments for worthless memberships and fees for nothing, Cobra Financial Solutions, for example, is not one of those. For complete peace of mind, get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and we’ll tell you how we can help.

Myth 3: I’m better off hiring a solicitor

Sure, you can hire a solicitor right away, but they don’t have the specialist knowledge of a debt collection company.

Myth 4: I’m only a small company – debt collectors won’t be interested

Decent debt collectors want to help everyone reclaim what they’re owed, whether you’re a single freelancer working from home, or a huge corporation with thousands of staff. We’re affordable and experienced but specialise in B2B (business to business) debt collection.

Myth 5: Using debt collectors will make my customers view me negatively

Because we’re professional debt collection agents, with sensitive and well-trained staff, we never treat your customers badly. We want to get them on board and help find a way to repay their debt to you. We know that building mutual respect and a working relationship are the best way to do this. Don’t misunderstand, knowing when you are being lied to or if you get the impression someone is trying to ‘run rings’ around you! Good professional agents who specialise in debt recovery can help to apply the right sort of pressure in a persistent and persuasive manner for the best results.

Myth 6: It’s too hard to instruct a debt recovery agency

Here at Cobra Financial Solutions, we can provide as much or as little support as you need. Just get in touch with our specialist team, and we’ll call you back to get all the details we need.

Myth 7: Debt collection is a last resort solution

The sooner you get in touch with a specialist debt collection company, the easier it is to resolve the problem. Something which starts off as a small problem can soon escalate if not dealt with. This can cause real problems for your business, particularly if your debtor is already short of money. Taking early action shows a debtor you’re serious about credit control and that you aren’t going to let this go.