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Our Covert Surveillance Services can play a major part in investigations involving the investigation of theft, fraudulent claims and in domestic and marital investigations.

Photographic evidence can frequently be used to clarify whether employees are as incapacitated as they have claimed and also to identify a partner or spouses activity.

Covert Surveillance can also be carried out via a vehicle tracking device to track and monitor a vehicles movements and location, this is often termed satellite or GPS Tracking Services.

Once an Investigation is complete, we will provide a detailed report along with photographic evidence.

All of the above can be a great way of establishing what a Debtor is up to and completely works with the Debtor’s who say ”we do not have the ability to pay”

Recent Story

Cobra were recently instructed to recover a Bad Debt for just over ¬£20,000.00 from a ”construction company” in Lancashire, upon instruction Cobra were advised that the Court Bailiff had been to 2 addresses for the Debtor and the Debtor ”had moved on” from a principle point of view our client advised that he did not want to let sleeping dogs lie and wanted to establish the full picture with regards to his Debtor, we advised that we would carry out covert surveillance upon the Debtor and establish the movements of the Debtor, to even our amazement by following the Debtor we established that he was running a building site and in process of building 10 homes, we had effectively caught the Debtor in the act, we presented the information to the client and advised the Debtor had clearly thought he was one step ahead of the client and the legal system, a clear process was outlined to the Debtor were we advised the client the Debtor would not want to lose the chance to obtain monies from the sale of the houses that were being built and we proceeded with petition in accordance with section 123 (1) (a) of the Insolvency ACT 1986 which brought the Debtor to the table. the Debt was paid within the allocated 21 days.

We will not forget in a hurry our field agents comments being –

Visited XXXXXXXXX LTD @ 08:50 am , upon attending site made my way up to the portakabin and met with Mr xxxxxxxx who duly identified himself, explained the reason why i was there and of the fact i was in attendance to serve papers , i will not forget in a hurry the look he had on his face, of which he had a look on his face that of a turkey that knew he had bumped into Bernard Matthews’

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