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Holmes in Heaven

Well done to the team in recovery of monies for Holmes In Heaven reference added to testimonial section

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Don’t Let Debt Collections Ruin Your Reputation

It’s likely you’ve heard of the companies United Airlines and Pepsi – giants such as these spend millions every year on their advertising and marketing. But as we’ve seen recently, all it takes is one ill-advised interaction or mistake and all that money has gone to waste- it’s literally like pouring it down the drain. When less high-profile companies suffer from

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Delemode Group, Bulgaria

Cobra collect debt for an International based company. Well done to all our team in the recovery of monies for Delamode Bulgaria Ltd (reference added to testimonial section of our website) this reference says it all.

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When to engage with a debt collection agency

When to engage with a debt collection agency Overdue and unpaid invoices, sound familiar? Unfortunately, the majority of businesses will experience these type of frustrations every once in a while. And it is true, no matter what type of business you are in, whether you are large or small there will always be some customers that unfortunately won’t pay their

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The 5 Ws of using a debt collection agency

The 5 Ws of using a debt collection agency Late payments cause significant damage to businesses’ cash flow up and down the UK and it is a hard fact that many businesses are now turning to debt collection agencies such as Cobra Financial Solutions for help in recovering their outstanding accounts. And yes, while some businesses find it a daunting

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CMC Flooring

Well done to all the field agents in respect of monies collected for CMC Flooring Ltd, Phil and Carole had a horrendous time with their contractor not paying and despite proceeding the matter legally no monies were paid, we are pleased we managed to bring the case for CMC to a swift conclusion, testimonial added to our website.  

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HG Reinforcements Ltd

Well done to all our team for the recovery of monies for client based in Jersey working for a company in Jersey is a new one for us however we are pleased we could bring a long drawn out saga to an end for our client. Written reference added to our testimonial section.

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Understanding who your customer is

Understanding who your customer is Now this may sound a little odd but a lot of people don’t actually know who their customer is. But why is this? In the majority of cases, it is because people don’t actually ask! While you may know who your customer is, it is important you know their legal entity too. This is because

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Myth busting about debt collection agencies

Myth busting about debt collection agencies According to an independent review, in 2013 an alarming 56% of commercial businesses wrote off more than 1% of their turnover as uncollectable. If businesses were to speak up and ask for help from a professional debt collection agency like Cobra Financial Solutions, how many would have avoided having to write off their hard

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Caretek Catering

Caterek Recuitment Ltd – Thank you to Emma @ Caterek Recruitment added to our Testimonial section, our client was banging her head against a brick wall and the public house were clearly burying their heads in the sand, however with any public house the best time to pursue this type of Debtor is to visit is during the course of

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