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How to Get Paid

It happens in every business and in every industry – debt recovery. Clients and customers pay invoices late. You’ve called. You’ve emailed. You’ve sent letters through the post but nothing works. It’s at this point that businesses should begin considering turning to a debt collection firm such as Cobra Financial Solutions.

As professional debt collection agents, our dedicated team specialise in getting the money that needs to be paid back to you. We understand what works and what doesn’t. And when it comes to getting paid, here we present to you The Rulebook to getting back right is rightfully yours.

No fluff or fancy stuff, here we give you a quick fire lowdown to getting paid and recovering your bad debts.

  1. Create urgency. If you use strict guidelines with your clients, they’ll soon know that in no uncertain terms what will happen if they do not pay their accounts in full, and on time. 12 noon tomorrow. Close of business on Friday. It really doesn’t matter- just be sure to set deadlines and stick to them.Of course, if you have accounts which are overdue, or want to have the stability of a professional debt collection agency on your side, get in touch with Cobra Financial Solutions.
  2. 99% of people who owe you money, also owe other people too, and they will remember who gets what. From the start of your working relationship, be sure to build rapport but remember why you are in business- to make money.If you are having a difficult time getting your accounts settled, get in touch with our debt collection agents who will be happy to assist with your individual requirements.
  3. Do not argue with your clients. For many businesses their focus often shifts from getting paid to getting even. From here on in, there’s absolutely no way back from this point.It is possible that your customer will antagonise you and swear and kick and scream. But don’t get hot headed. Get in touch with a professional debt collection agency such as Cobra Financial Solutions and let the experts recover what is rightfully yours.
  4. Remember, money is better than no money. And never think in absolutes- full amount or zero- think more laterally than that and you will be stunned at what happens.But if you are struggling to recover outstanding B2B debts, let Cobra Financial Solutions help you. With a wealth of experience in the debt collection industry, our dedicated team of debt collection agents are on hand to assist you in recovering what is rightfully yours.
  5. If you are struggling to get your accounts settled, or want to have the security of a professional debt collection agency on your side, do not hesitate to get in touch with Cobra Financial Solutions.With offices in both the North and South of England, we boast a dedicated team of debt collection agents so however big, or small, your outstanding debts, let us help you today.

    By entrusting the help of professional, persistent and persuasive debt collection agents you can focus on what matters the most and spend your day running your business on a daily basis.

The time is now. If you are struggling to recover outstanding accounts, do not delay in getting in touch with Cobra Financial Solutions- we are here to help you.

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Tel: 0151 526 4222
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Tel: 0203 011 5210

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