How to choose a debt collection agency

This article will help advise you on how to choose a debt collection agency.  Regardless of what products or services your business offers, unfortunately in today’s day and age, it has become a stark reality that not all customers will pay their bills. All too often, many hours are spent chasing up invoices with endless telephone calls and emails, yet invoices remain unpaid and precious time is wasted. Here at Cobra Financial Solutions, our dedicated team of experienced debt collectors can help you to take active steps forwards in recovering your debts, without the hassle.

How to choose a debt collection agencyEveryone understands that in order for any business to remain successful or grow, you need to be paid. And so, when customers pay late, stall payments or don’t pay at all, the older the debt on their account, the less likely you are to receive your payment. As time passes and frustration sets in, at some point most businesses make the decision to outsource the debt recovery process to an expert debt collection agency. This is where Cobra Financial Solutions can help you.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Cobra Financial Solutions work across the UK combining a mixture of highly persuasive techniques and communication avenues to help retrieve debts on your behalf, with many happy clients on our records.

Established in 2009, our dedicated team of professional, persuasive and persistent debt collectors boast a fantastic track record in getting impressive results for our clients. Significantly, it’s a proven fact that when you use a debt collection agency, your chances of debt recovery remain high- very high indeed in fact. With Cobra Financial Solutions collecting a whopping 87% of our clients’ debts in 2015, the remarkable success of engaging a reputable, experienced debt collection agency is clear to see.

But what does this mean for you? Having a nationwide, reputable debt collection agency with proven results working on your behalf is a necessity if you want a better chance at successful debt recovery and collection. First and foremost, the way a debt collection agency treats your clients reflects directly on your company, either in a positive or negative light. Therefore it is important to choose wisely to avoid having a black mark placed on your business. When you choose Cobra Financial Solutions, you can rest assured we will deal with your debt collection in a proactive, persuasive and professional manner as our range of glowing testimonials and resolved cases demonstrate perfectly.

How to choose a debt collection agencyAsk people you know and it’s likely some will have a negative association with debt collection agencies. Either they’ve had first-hand bad experience, or have heard accounts of dishonest, aggressive and sometimes illegal tactics to retrieve money through cowboy debt collectors. This fact alone proves the importance of choosing a debt collection agency with a positive and proven track record and experience within your industry. Taking all of this into consideration, wherever you are based in the UK, Cobra Financial Solutions are here to help you recover your outstanding debts in an efficient and competent manner, each and every time.

Working on your behalf, our fantastic team of regulated debt collectors will ensure that the service offered by Cobra Financial Solutions will benefit your company, every step of the way. Using tried and proven techniques, we’ll put your mind at ease, safe in the knowledge that we will strive to recover your outstanding funds without tarnishing the good name of your company. Protecting both customer relationships and brand reputation, choosing the right debt agency could not be more important. But with over 400 debt collection agencies operating throughout the marketplace, making the right choice can feel like a difficult process, but it need not be.

Choosing Cobra Financial Solutions is a great choice for all. Operating as a very successful debt collection agency across the whole of the UK, over the years we’ve taken the time to hone our skills, evaluate our strengths and perfect the ways in which our debt collectors execute their services and features. What’s more, our fantastic success rate is reflected by the fact we take the time to speak with our clients, understand your business and establish your individual challenges before formulating a bespoke plan of action to help recover your outstanding debts.

How to choose a debt collection agencySo, wherever you are based in the UK, if you require help with debt collection and recovery do not delay in getting in touch with Cobra Financial Solutions today. With your interests at the fore of all that we do, our skilled team of debt collectors are here to help make retrieving monies owed to you as painless and as hassle free as possible.


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