Getting the facts straight regarding Debt Collection

Q: Debt collection agencies use dodgy bailiffs to harass customers, you’ll ruin the relationship between my business and the customer, won’t you?

A: This is something that our team hears all too often and it is completely wrong! At Cobra Financial Solutions we engage a professional team of debt collection agents who will work with your clients on your behalf to recover your outstanding debts through professional, persuasive and persistent techniques, tried and tested across time.

Formed in 2009, Cobra Financial Solutions are regarded as one of the fastest growing Debt Collection companies in the UK, with both a Northern office in Aintree, Merseyside and a Southern office in London. We are also an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) Approved company, providing total peace of mind and reassurance when it really matters.

We only use court approved bailiffs following court proceedings as an absolute last resort. But it is very rare that action through the courts is required as the fear of having to pay additional court costs will often push the debtor to either pay in full or to set up a payment plan. The whole team here at Cobra Financial Solutions believed in being firm but fair with debtors, working hard to try and maintain a good relationship with them where we can to ensure a smooth commercial relationship continues not only during the debt recovery but also afterwards too.

Q: Debt collectors ask who I am and to validate information, is this normal?

A: To make sure we are speaking to the right person in light of a debt collection call/visit, and for security purposes, debt collectors will attempt to verify certain pieces of helpful information as it pertains to the debt/ client.

This information may include your name, business details including address, or other specific information which confirms that we are in fact speaking to the right business. If you have any concerns, please do get in touch, we are happy to confirm why we are getting in contact and what the reason for our communication entails.

Q: The invoice should have been paid over two years ago; it can’t be collected now can it?

A: Despite the time that has passed, you may be surprised to learn that it is possible to pursue a debt for up to six years after it became overdue, and possibly even longer dependant on a number of factors such as outstanding County Court Judgements.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you’d be able to pass your debt to us to collect, give our friendly team of experts a call on 0203 011 5210 (Southern office) or 0151 526 4222 (Northern office) or fill out the enquiry form and one of our experienced team members will be able to give you the advice you need!

Q: What happens if you can’t collect the debt?

A: Very occasionally, despite our best efforts it simply isn’t possible to recover your monies for you. Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and one of our specialist team members will explain in detail (and without any jargon!) what happens in such instances.

That said, our success rate each year for the past seven years has increased and we boast a wealth of happy customers, as seen here on Trused Pilot, an independent review site. Our success stories speak volumes in terms of our effective techniques, experienced debt collection agents and our reputation in the debt collection industry as a whole.