Late payments are a common bugbear for businesses across the whole of the United Kingdom, regardless of the size. Many businesses are now trying different tactics to improve their credit control and get paid faster and more effectively. But when all of your hard efforts are failing, do you need to get aggressive to get paid?

In a nutshell, the truth of the matter is…absolutely not. Here at Cobra Financial Solutions we are massive advocates of taking a firm but fair approach to credit control. Instead of aggression, our debt collectors use persuasive and persistent debt collection techniques. But why? This is because once your assertiveness becomes aggression, as a business owner, you risk much more than not getting paid- you run the risk of losing your customer entirely and damaging your brand and reputation significantly.

While you may not worry about losing a persistently bad payer, one thing you need to consider is that your loyal payers will respond unfavourably to over-aggressive tactics, particularly if they’ve paid well in the past.

So what should you do?

As professional debt collection agents, the specialist team here at Cobra Financial Solutions offer three tips to help you get paid without throwing your weight around and alienating good future business.

1.  Remain calm and collected

The position of a credit controller isn’t a simple one. Being lied to on a daily basis is common and many credit controllers often have to deal with overly aggressive customers who will do pretty much to avoid making a payment. But it is very important to remain composed and calm at all times.

If you are having trouble and feel like the conversation is getting heated, take a minute or two to compose yourself. Managing to keep control of your emotions is one of the most valuable lessons a credit controller can learn but if you are stretched within your role or don’t want to hassle, don’t delay.

Get in touch with our team of debt collection agents who will deal with the recovery of the debts, leaving you to focus on what matters the most. We have a wealth of experience in debt collection so leave it to the professionals and get in touch with Cobra Financial Solutions.

2. Tailor your approach to each customer

Adapting your debt recovery approach to each individual customer is vital to securing the best results. Whilst some might need a firmer stance, others simply need an understanding tact to encourage payment.

As professional debt collection agency, Cobra Financial Solutions are able to assess each individual case, basing the course of action on what is likely to bring the best result for that particular situation.

For those customers that require a firmer approach, the involvement of a professional third-party debt collection agency such as Cobra Financial Solutions is beneficial. That said why wait until time has flown by? Be proactive rather than reactive and get in touch with us as soon as your accounts being overdue. Our team of experienced debt collection agents will use persistent and persuasive techniques to persuade client’s to pay.

3. Have a clear credit control procedure

Don’t let customers bully you into accepting poor payment practices. As a credit controller you need to be strict with your payment terms to get the desired results. However, rather than running the risk of overstepping the mark, it is advisable to get the professionals in. Call Cobra Financial Solutions to deal with your outstanding accounts today- we are here to help.


If you are finding credit control to be a challenge, we can help. As a leading provider of outsourced debt collection we can take on the task for you leaving you the time and resource to focus on your core business activity. For more information on how we can assist you please get in touch to find out more about the range of services we offer.