It’s likely you’ve heard of the companies United Airlines and Pepsi – giants such as these spend millions every year on their advertising and marketing. But as we’ve seen recently, all it takes is one ill-advised interaction or mistake and all that money has gone to waste- it’s literally like pouring it down the drain. When less high-profile companies suffer from poor PR and poor advertising, while they may not have the same public nature as the bigger companies, the effects can be very significant and very destructive.

In the same light, if you are owed money and are using poorly considered debt collection tactics, this can end in diaister also. With this in mind, it is important to consider the way debt collection disputes can easily turn into PR nightmares.

Make it easy for people. When it comes to collecting outstanding payments, as frustrated as you may be about not getting paid, just think about how annoying it must be for a company trying to pay a bill and not being able to get hold of the accounts department. Easing client’s frustrations will make it more likely that you’ll be paid on time, and also help establish you as reasonable should a dispute arise.

Don’t get too aggressive. There are obvious reasons why you wouldn’t want to become too aggressive when collecting B2B debts. Understanding where to draw the line when it comes to trying to collect a debt is one of the reasons Cobra Financial Solutions recommend hiring a professional collections agency like us. Debt collectors are often able to collect debts without becoming aggressive- our team of experienced debt collection agents know where to draw the line, both in terms of your reputation and legally.

Be clear and consistent. At the root of many PR crises is bad communication. Think about the recent United Airlines incident. If the airline had simply followed the protocol that they’ve helped to establish, and not allowed boarding until the issue had been resolved, the disaster would not have happened. So, if you are sending mixed messages by not sending invoices in a timely manner, or not following up on past-due invoices and then demanding payment without notice, you may be causing unnecessary confusion and contributing to a future problem.

At Cobra Financial Solutions we take our responsibility to protect the reputation of our clients seriously and always hold ourselves to high ethical standards and practices. We don’t want you to spend money creating your brand and image only to have aggressive or sloppy collection practices ruin the work. We look forward to helping you with your debt collection needs- get in touch with us today; we are here to help you get back what is rightfully yours.