Debt Recovery Q&A’s

How can I recover debts without alienating valued customers?

One of the biggest challenges for any business- how to keep your cash flow regulated but at the same time keep your valued customers happy – is particularly true of small businesses where your relationship is likely to be more personal.

In such cases, our advice is always to take a diplomatic but firm approach. Communication is key to success so we will discuss the situation with your customer, and try to resolve any problems so that an agreement is reached. Once our debt collection agents have explained what steps you intend to take to recover the debt, letting the customer that you will be engaging the services of a professional debt collection agency to recover the money, you may well find that this is enough to get the ball rolling.

We understand you have a busy schedule and will want to focus on the day to day running of your business so why not engage a reliable, trustworthy and persuasive debt collection agency like Cobra Financial Solutions to deal with the outstanding monies?

Over the years we’ve discovered that good customers will usually appreciate their suppliers adopting firm credit control and so by engaging with us, you are far more likely to recover your debts without alienating a valued, and often, long standing customer.

So, in the majority of cases, engaging a debt collection agency will not alienate your customers as outsourcing of debt collection is commonplace in today’s day and age within the commercial marketplace. Of course we have to accept that there are some ‘cowboy’ agencies that choose to use aggressive and overly threatening harassment tactics to recover the debts, but not us! Cobra Financial Solutions are persistent, persuasive and efficient- check out our wealth of happy customers from over the years who are happy to voice their feedback in terms of our debt collection services.

Who else, other than a solicitor, can collect my debts?

When it comes to debt recovery, engaging with a professional, persuasive and persistent debt collection agency will get your money recovered. Rather than engaging with a solicitor, a reputable agency such as Cobra Financial Solutions can work on your behalf and get back what is rightfully yours.

With a wealth of experience in the industry, we are able to be your eyes and ears, working with the debtor to recover your understanding debts, promptly, efficiency and without any additional hassle.

If you are experiencing frequent problems with non payments, get in touch today and discuss your individual requirements to see how we can help you in your hour of need.
Here to help you recover your debts

Operating across the United Kingdom from our two offices, Cobra Financial Solutions have both a Northern Office, based in Aintree, Merseyside and a Southern Office situated in the capital, London to provide flexible, debt collection services across the whole of the United Kingdom.

For total peace of mind, Cobra Financial Solutions offer knowledge, experience and fantastic advice in regards to all manner of B2B commercial debt recovery services. Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and our team will work with you to form a successful debt recovery strategy for your business.