Commercial Debt Collection- The shift in culture

In recent times, debt collection agents have become much more than simply someone who collects debts on behalf of clients. Nowadays it really does seem that debt collectors are much, much more- a customer service agent come confidant mixed with a form of hybrid counsellor. And so, with this in mind it really is noticeable that over the years, the business of debt collection has turned into something much more morally conscious and a far more skilful practice than ever before.

As our culture shifts, new rules and regulations are implemented, accessible advice is available to those who seek it, the key expectations of the role have altered so much in recent times. If you turn the clock back in time, it would pretty standard for people to turn their noses up at the thought of a debt collector being associated with their business. But now there is also far less of a stigma towards the industry as a whole and with more understanding, knowledge and confidence in how to handle situations where debts need collecting, the growth of debt collection services is apparent.

Here at Cobra Financial Solutions we aim to provide efficient solutions to your outstanding debt issues. Each of our debt collection agents take the time to build to trust with our clients, and help obtain outstanding debts on their behalf. We understand that establishing achievable repayments is a necessity but when the situation escalates, we are there to help retrieve outstanding monies in a persuasive and professional manner. Our aim is always to achieve a positive result for our clients, without negatively impacting the current situation.

While some companies still struggle on a day to day basis to collect outstanding debts by themselves, (often suffering many consequences as a result), many more businesses are now realising the advantages of engaging with a professional debt collection agency such as Cobra Financial Solutions. Covering the whole of the United Kingdom, our dedicated team of skilled debt collectors offer businesses like yours a variety of benefits in the recovery of debts. Of course, understanding what is involved in the process of collecting debts by yourself versus using a dedicated debt collection agency is an important deciding factor in how you proceed with your financial situation.

When a business decides to recover outstanding monies without the help of a third party B2B debt collection agency, they typically designate a current member of staff within the company to perform the collection duties. While businesses may think this will cut costs and do the trick so to speak, it often works out more expensive to delegate a current employee to the task as it means that their day to day tasks cannot be performed. Of course, this is particularly true in smaller businesses where members of the management team end up devoting a substantial amount of their own time towards collecting debts as there is no other person who can do this task.

However, by engaging a commercial debt collection agency like Cobra Financial Solutions saves a significant amount of time, reduces the stress on staff and the management team as well as simplifying the entire debt collection process. By allowing a professional to take the reins, our dedicated team of professional agents are able to properly handle the collection duties on your behalf while you concentrate on the day to day running of your business. What’s more, by pursuing the outstanding debts in a persuasive, efficient and professional manner, you’ll improve your overall cash flow which can only ever be a positive thing in business.

Offering knowledge, experience and fantastic advice, our team of skilled specialists are on hand to make your debt collection process as hassle free as possible. With vast experience in commercial debt collection, Cobra Financial Solutions can offer a full range of services to your company- just pick up the telephone and call us today on 0151 526 4222 (Northern office) or 0203 011 5210 (Southern office) to discuss your individual circumstances where we will work with you to form a successful debt recovery strategy.