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Late payment problems ‘haven’t gone away’

Late payment problems ‘haven’t gone away’ A government advisor on prompt payments has told the BBC that late payment problems worsened immediately following the onset of the recession and that the issue “hasn’t gone away” in the decade since. Speaking to the BBC Radio 5 live Daily show, hosted by Adrian Chiles and business expert Colletta Smith, Arnab Dutt said

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Getting the facts straight regarding Debt Collection

Getting the facts straight regarding Debt Collection Q: Debt collection agencies use dodgy bailiffs to harass customers, you’ll ruin the relationship between my business and the customer, won’t you? A: This is something that our team hears all too often and it is completely wrong! At Cobra Financial Solutions we engage a professional team of debt collection agents who will

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Debt Collector or Scammer: How to Tell the Difference?

Debt Collector or Scammer: How to Tell the Difference? As an experienced debt collection agency, Cobra Financial Solutions are on hand to help reveal some of the ways scammers might try and fool you. A scheme where scammers pose as debt collectors and collection agencies and try to get businesses to pay them is on the up. These types of

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Slow Payers

What to do if you suffer from Slow Payers It’s quite common in the UK for businesses to suffer from slow payers from time to time. And while this usually doesn’t present a major issue, if it happens regularly or with a number of clients, it really isn’t acceptable. Let’s face it, when it comes to the crunch, what company

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Debt Recovery Q&A’s

Debt Recovery Q&A’s How can I recover debts without alienating valued customers? One of the biggest challenges for any business- how to keep your cash flow regulated but at the same time keep your valued customers happy – is particularly true of small businesses where your relationship is likely to be more personal. In such cases, our advice is always

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6 tips for smoother business debt collection

6 tips for smoother business debt collection Despite the fact that the main reason given for small companies failing is poor cash-flow bought on by slow payers, a correct strategy for collecting invoices is often not put in place. In this blog, Cobra Financial Solutions Ltd shed some light on how to achieve smoother business debt collection and highlight when

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Time is money

Time is money It is true- when it comes to debts, time really is money. Here at Cobra Financial Solutions Ltd we see it time and time again- the longer a business takes to engage a professional debt collection agency, the more challenging it becomes to manage your over-spilling debts in-house. While positive thinking is a great outlook on life,

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Choosing a specialist to recover your debts

Choosing a specialist to recover your debts If you have outstanding accounts which are growing older day upon day without being paid, you need to work with a successful debt collection. Cobra Financial Solutions are one of the leading debt collection agencies in the United Kingdom who many businesses turn to in distressing debt collection situations. We understand that there

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Six Golden Rules for debt collection

Six Golden Rules for debt collection Engaging with a professional debt collection agency makes sense for many businesses struggling to recover a B2B debt. Cobra Financial Solutions assist businesses across the United Kingdom in collecting outstanding monies on their accounts. Using our knowledge of debt collection techniques and compliance issues, Cobra Financial Solutions assist clients by saving time, money and

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Commercial Debt Collection

Commercial Debt Collection In years gone by, all debts were dealt with by collection agencies in a similar way, whether commercial or consumer debt.  Many people will remember or have strong connotations of a heavy handed approach without discussion or negotiation.  This didn’t usually result in the payment of outstanding monies to the creditor, just further expense in respect of legal costs.

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